Saturday, August 1, 2015

GIrlfriends, take care of yourself!

Did you know that today is National Girlfriends day?!
I didn't know there was such a day until somebody told me! 
So, Happy National Girlfriends to my girlfriends, new and old, near and far! 
I love and appreciate each and every one of you!
I wish we could get together for coffee today, as that would be
the best way to celebrate, but since I have a wait a few more months, 
I'll instead pass on some wisdom about health and wellness. 

It's been over a year since my husband and I started on our wellness journey
and without a doubt we both agree that it's one of the best things we've done for ourselves.
We are healthier and happier because of the changes we've made
and there's no going back! 
I wish everyone could experience what we did this past year when it came to 
bettering ourselves and our bodies. It truly has been amazing. 

Do you want to be healthier? Are you tired of feeling sick? 
Are you sick of feeling moody and just downright unhealthy? 
Then here are a few things I suggest:

Try Whole30 
And by try, I mean do one round. 
As they say you can do anything for 30 days. 
It will be hard. You probably won't enjoy it, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. 
If I can do it, you can do it! You can do far more than you give yourself credit for. 
Don't know what whole30 is? Check out my posts about it here
This was the most life changing thing for my husband and I. 
That might seem extreme, but I don't say it lightly. 
It changed our eating habits and inturn changed how we feel. 

Eat your vegetables
I know, I know... you may not like your vegetables, but eat them ANYWAY. 
Did you know that half of your plate is suppose to be full of veggies 
for your three meals a day? That's a lot of veggies, but your body needs them! 
I promise you that you can find veggies that you like. 
You might just have to cook them a different way or use different spices. 
For example, I thought sweet potatoes were gross, 
but now I eat them with a little garlic, tarragon, and and some mustard. Delicious!
Just do it! 

Skip the Starbucks drive-thru 
Yes, I am aware that my profile says I LOVE Starbucks, 
but the truth is I haven't had it much this past year after doing whole30. 
Any time I drank Starbucks before I felt terribly ill right after. 
My stomach felt as if it was going to destroy itself. 
Why?! The sugar and all the chemicals. 
Giving up Starbucks was another one of the best things we've done. 
That may seem silly to most, but considering we were going 2-3 times a day, 
it's not that crazy! 
Instead I make this best iced coffee recipe at home. 
Give it a try... you'll thank me and your wallet will thank you! 

Quit the sugar
You shuddered when you read that, didn't you?
That was something I never EVER thought I would be able to do. 
It tastes good. It makes me feel good. I'm a mom, I NEED IT. 
Actually, I don't need it and I no longer want it
because any time I do have it I feel horribly sick and want to eat it all. 
I believe sugar is one of the worst things to eat and can have such an affect 
on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
Just give it a try. I'm not saying forever... maybe just 30 days! 
You may be happy you did!

Follow the dirty dozen
I know, you're probably wondering what that even means. 
That's okay, I didn't know either! 
The dirty dozen is a list of foods you eat organically 
to avoid the highest amounts of pesticides. 
Maybe you are thinking you just don't care about organic food 
or what pesticides can do to the body, 
but I really encourage you to do some research before you shrug it off! 

It doesn't matter what you do, just do it! 
Even a walk can be good for getting your heart rate up, 
enjoying some sun (or a cool evening breeze), and improving your mood. 
Find an exercise you enjoy... I promise there is one out there for you! 

Those are my tips for getting healthier! 
I'm not perfect. Sometimes I still eat sugar (and usually regret it). 
I don't always work out every single day 
and I still have more baby weight to lose than I want to admit.
I'm okay with all that though... it's not about being perfect, it's about making progress
and feeling better! With these things I do feel better and I'm sure you will too! 

Want to chat more about health? Reach out to me! I'm always willing to chat! 
Also, check out the graphic below by Oscar Insurance that shows what women need to do 
(by age) to keep themselves healthy! They are raising awareness because they use their tech-based health insurance to help members and believe in preventive measure when it comes to your health!

Remember, it's never too late to start making healthy choices! You can do it! 

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