Wednesday, May 6, 2015

15 Months

^^^Reaching for me^^^

I felt like it was time to do a update on this growing girl. 
It's the same as always, I can't believe she's a month older!
She's still a complete joy and we seriously felt like we hit the jackpot 
because she is always happy!
Given she's a little tiny bit (A LOT) spoiled.
She has everybody wrapped around her cute thing fingers. 

We are oh so thankful that even though she's a toddler she's still happy. 
She recently just started throwing fits, but they are few and far between. 
Plus they can be stopped pretty quickly. Just pick her up and she smiles at you.
That was definitely not the case with the other two! 
While her happiness has remained lots has changed here for this girl! 
The biggest change is the fact that she is no longer nursing at all. 
I had thought about weaning her and of course she was nursing less, 
but she would ask for it and I'd just let her because why not? It wasn't hurting anything.
Her asking was about the sweetest thing. 
She would hit my chest with her hands and say, "Ah!" 
I would ask her, "You want to nurse?" 
She would get the BIGGEST grin on her face and say "Yesssthhh!" 
Then one night when I tried to nurse her she pushed me away. 
I didn't expect her to be done just like that! 
She asked a few times after that, but I would say "all gone" 
and she'd throw her head back with a little "UH!" and then move on. 
I know I could have nursed her doing those times,
but I figured since she wasn't really pushing for it.
we could just be done with it.
It was a bittersweet thing to say goodbye too.

^^^ You not hold me? Fine, I suck my thumb!"

Of course, since she's not nursing she's eating a ton more. 
Actually, the girl has always had an appetite even while nursing. 
If she hears or sees you getting food she will run to you with her hand out. 
She also likes to grab bags of plantain chips and carry them around. 
Even if she's eaten a ton and you put her down, 
she'll find food (that she or her siblings have dropped) and eat it.
She's our little garbage disposal ;) and if she's hungry you can find her 
by her chair tapping it to let you know! 
She just loves food and there isn't much she won't eat.
However, her favorites are sweet potatoes, frozen blueberries, and bananas.
She also prefers water or apple juice (watered down) to drink.
She doesn't seem to be such a huge fan of milk.

She walks and runs everywhere and is always climbing stairs to come find me.
If I go to pick her up from the steps she gets so excited and holds her arms out.
She'd walk off the step if I didn't pick her up first! Silly girl!
She comes and finds me multiples times a day, running to me, arms wide open to be held.
She doesn't really cry about wanting to be held, but just comes to me.
She'll wrap her little arms around my leg, crawl into my lap,
or throw her arms around my neck.
I'm glad she still wants me that much! She loves to say, "MA! MA!" when she wants me.
However, I'm not the only one she wants anymore.
Of course she wants her daddy, but she'll reach for her brother and sister too.
She likes to put her face to theirs and hug them. She just laughs and laughs.
She'll even go to her grandparents now, whereas for the longest time she just cried if they held her!
She's growing up!

She also likes playing with her siblings.
They build with blocks together or play trains.
She LOVES to read and will have you read the same book over and over.
She comes running at you with books. It's adorable.
She's still a lover of music. I think she's like Taylor Swift the most
and I'm pretty sure she's tried to sing the ABC's along with her siblings.
She talks some - yes, mama, dada, hi, bye.
I'm sure there's more and I need to get better about writing her words down.

She sleeps great at night, but sometimes goes on strikes when it comes to nap time.
Eventually she'll rest though. Just needs some extra loving.
We're all so thankful for her and how she brings joy to our home!

^^^ Getting upset because she just wanted to be done^^^
^^^And then happy and totally posing!^^^
Happy 15 months sweetie!


  1. She's adorable! I love the pose in the last picture. Toddlers are so much fun (except when they want to melt down haha). It's amazing to watch them learn and grow.

  2. She is such a little doll!!! Ah the fit throwing stage.... Does it ever really pass though! Haha

  3. What a cutie! I know, it hit me just a couple days ago that my little girl was now 15 months old too! How does that happen so quickly?!

  4. Ahh!!! She is so precious! I love the personality that comes through in these photographs! :) Time is flying by so quickly for us and our little one - she's almost 8.5 months!


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