Tuesday, January 27, 2015

World Market Wish List

If you follow my blog or instagram then you know I'm obsessed with World Market
It's my favorite store EVER and I could spend hours browsing the store and site! 
Today I wanted to share my current World Market wish list and seems like a
good time because I do turn twenty-nine on February 6th ;)

1. Aqua Braedyn Wire Wall Storage with Shelf
I love anything and all things aqua!
This would be perfect for storing remotes in
or even putting in my sons room to store some of his trains.

2. Aqua glass teapot infuser
I'm really loving tea lately.
It all started with the wonderful tea from the downton abbey tea party
and now I'm loving all sorts of teas.
This is much more fun than just heating up water in the microwave!

3. Wire 3-Tier Glass Drying Rack
I've been eyeing this drying rack for a while now.
If you know me then you know I have a coffee mug obsession.
This would be perfect for displaying some on my coffee bar.

4. Wire Round Kenna Baskets
The instant I saw these I fell in love.
They are sturdy wire baskets and the colors are just beautiful.
Great for laundry or storing whatever my heart may please.
These are definitely a must buy for me!

5. Ayra IV painting
Isn't it just beautiful?
I didn't think I liked paintings until my husband started wanting some.
Now, apparently I want them all over our home.
I would definitely love to have this one!

6. Luxe Knit Throw
You can never have enough blankets, can you?
I just love the black and gray of this throw
and it looks so soft and warm!

7. Blue Floral Reversible Indoor-Outdoor Rug
I believe rugs are really a good way to make a house a home.
They just seem cozy to be and this one is just beautiful!
I love the colors and hello, reversible?! Just perfect!

8. Ampersand Marquee Light
It's ampersand, do I need to say more?
I just love these light up signs and would love to add this to a gallery wall in our home.
It's not badly priced either!

That's my World Market wish list for now.
It grows pretty constantly!
Do you love World Market? What's on your wish list?


  1. I love world market! I soooo wish we had one. Along with home goods....and ikea....and every other place Pinterest and bloggers like to shop :p

  2. You know I love WM. I keep meaning to stop in a grab that tea infuser. Tea is my favorite lately, as I'm trying to drink less coffee.


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