Friday, January 30, 2015

12 months

Sutton is one today! Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

To say this has been the fastest year of my life is an understatement! 
With every child the year seems to go quicker and it kind of freaks me out 
how fast life flies by once you welcome children into the world! 
I think it also went faster because she is such a happy baby (TODDLER- OH MY).

This past month has brought lots of changes for this girl! 

She's over twenty pounds and definitely seems longer when I look at these pictures. 
At her last appointment her doctor said she seemed to be shorter than she should be. 
I was kind of confused by it, but she said they may do some tests. 
I think she's just fine and looks longer in these pics. I think it's the jeans!

Eating ALL the time! 
Crawling AND walking!!! 
Being held and not just by mama. She actually reaches for daddy now.
She enjoys giving hugs and it's about the cutest thing ever.
Talking and talking and talking.
Just this morning I heard her say, "Bye dad!" 
I'm pretty sure she said "eat" last night when I asked her if she wanted to eat. 
She says mama now too and so well. 
I'm sure she's saying more and I need to get better at remembering. 
She talks a lot more than the others did at her age and we are very impressed! 

Being put down for too long. 
She's still super snuggly and will be at your feet crying if she wants you.
When you take things away from her. She does any angry cry.
Waiting for food. Give me it now!
Bed time. She totally knows when its time for bed and starts to cry. 
Bath time. I think she's just reaching that stage where she's freaking out.

How's she eating?
She loves to eat and throw her food on the floor. That is definitely new!
She eats multiple meals and snacks a day. 
She nurses maybe 4 times a day, some times more. 
It can be a comfort thing often.

How's she sleeping?
Girl only takes one nap during the day! Usually from 1-3. 
She's started going to bed early now (around 7) and sleeps through the night mostly.
We recently put her in the room with Mae, which went really well. 
I was afraid it was going to be a train wreck, but it's been such an easy transition. 
They often talk to each other until they go to sleep. Or cry together... ha ha
Sometimes Mae wakes her, but it hasn't been awful or anything! 
We're happy with how it went and I love that they share a room. 

Other things
She's walking! 
I knew it was soon, but it still totally shocked us.
I was standing in the hall way talking to my husband
and she was standing a few inches from me.
I look down and saw her take a few steps. 
She was pretty excited and we all cheered her on. 
Whenever she's walking to you, she'll walk until she's a step or so from you
then she'll fall into you. 
It's about the cutest thing ever! 

As you can see lots has happened in the last month. 
Lots of transitioning and growing! 
It's been fun and exciting to see, but also a little sad because it happened so fast.
It's such a bittersweet feeling to see your babies grow. 


  1. Yay for walking sweet girl!!! Happy birthday! She's grown so fast... but don't they all... ;)

  2. It does go by so fast! Mine are 8 1/2 and 4 1/2 now, and my little guy is going to kindergarten in the fall...time flies! She is adorable :)

  3. She's so adorable!! I just want to hug and hold her. lol Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

  4. AWE! I love those pictures Ha, she is to cute!

  5. She's so precious! I love the pictures of her changing from month to month!


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