Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Decor

I love decorating our home and making it look cozy.
I think I'm definitely a less is more type of girl
because I don't like clutter and stuff everywhere.
This years Christmas decorations were simple
and I think put just enough Christmas cheer in our home!

We we're given the Nativity set by my in-laws and it sits up high next to the tv.
It definitely wouldn't be intact if little hands could grab and play!
This chalkboard I bought from World Market and it is perfect for writing whatever my heart desires!
I would love to get some colorful chalk to add to the design!

We LOVE our stockings from Target!
We saw them last year, but they didn't have all the initials we needed.
We made sure to grab them super early this year and I look forward to using them every Christmas!
The Christmas blanket my grandma gave to me and goes perfectly over my quincy chair!

Christmas ornaments aren't just for the tree!
I love decorating by adding things into this apothecary vase.
Flowers are always a must too! Had my husband pick these up from Trader Joes!

We did a super simple tree, only with lights this year!
It was easy and I knew otherwise little hands would make things a disaster.
This works for us and I think it looks pretty!
I also added this table top tray with some other Christmas-ey items.
Of course, it doesn't stay on the table for long because it will all get touched and thrown! ;)

Do you go all out for Christmas decor or make it simple?

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