Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Photo Fun!

I just love picmonkey!
It's an easy, simple way to edit photos.
Even though I have photoshop and lightroom, I still use picmonkey.
Now, if I actually knew how to use those maybe I wouldn't love it as much,
but I love anything that's simple because this mama
doesn't have a lot of time for something that's complicated!

Sometimes it's just fun to use picmonkey and be silly!
That's exactly what I did yesterday with some photos that we took this past weekend.

How fun are these?!
Really, they are just goofy and make me laugh!
It's fun to make pictures not so serious sometimes.
If you want to play around I highly suggest picmonkey.
If you like these pictures just go to picmonkey, upload your photo
and scroll down to the bottom of the editor.
There's a snowflake icon, which gives you lots of options
for turning your photos into fun photos like this!

You can even make your own Christmas cards if you haven't ordered those yet!
Just some outtakes from our photo session that didn't go as planned
(and not our actual card).
It's easy to make cards and such with this site.
Just click on the collage button and go from there!
There are lots of options available!
Saving and printing them at home may be cheaper as well!

Do you use picmonkey? Or something else?
I'd love to hear what you edit your photos with!

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