Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Months

I'm reminding myself to breathe as I look at pictures of this girl.
In two very short months she will turn 1 year old. I seriously want to cry my eyes out.
How is this possible? She's going from a baby to a toddler far too quickly! 
I almost cannot handle it, but I will because what other choice do I have?! 
It's been a joy to see her grow and I look forward to seeing how 
she grows and changes just before she's no longer a baby! 

I just weighed her and she's 19.2 pounds. 
So crazy to me that she's so big because of Maeva is only 25 pounds and she's 2! 
She definitely is heavy! Otherwise I don't really know how long she is or anything.

Pulling herself up on everything. 
Standing up as long as she can.
Playing with her siblings.
Being held. 
When I tickle her. She laughs before I even start.
Chewing on things. 
Getting into stuff. 

Being put to bed when she doesn't want to go to bed! 
Seeing mom, but not being held by mom. You're there! Why aren't you holding me?!
Bath time. She doesn't cry really, but tries to get out, it seems right after I put her in. 
I think it's a stage all my kids have gone through! 
Being knocked over or picked on by her siblings! :/
Her carseat, if she's in it longer than she wants.
Things being taken away from her. 
I don't think too much has changed here!

How's she eating?
She loves to eat! Always willing to nurse or be put in her chair to eat!
She wakes up to eat, I'm sure of it! 
We make dinner pretty late for ourselves and if she's asleep when we cook, 
she wakes up when she smells it! She refuses to go back to bed til you give her the food!
She loves sweet potatoes and pancakes. She'll pretty much eat whatever you give her! 
She will yell at you if she sees something she wants. 
She also wants her sippy cup of water at every meal and drinks so well! 

How's she sleeping?
Like a pro. 
She's sleeps through the night, usually going down pretty late.
She'll wake up before 8:30 and then take a nap around 11am. 
She's usually awake for a while after that.
Sometimes she takes an afternoon nap 
and then goes back to sleep around 6 or so until she wakes up because she smells food! 

Other things:
She can stand up on her own.
She'll pull herself up on whatever she can and let go.
She stands for a good amount of time before falling on her bottom.
I know she wants to walk, but just doesn't get how to do so if you aren't helping her! 
She's been pretty fussy the last few days. 
I think she's getting more teeth (she has 6 now) and just wants to be held.
It's been a bit hard on me because I'm just not used to her being fussy! 
She's still the happiest and we are so thankful for that! 

Now slow down baby girl! You're not aloud to turn 1! ;)

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