Monday, November 3, 2014

Nine months

Well, she's officially been in this world as long as she was growing in my belly! 
So crazy to think in a few shorts months she will be a year old! #mamasnotready #holdme
I'm still feeling pretty lucky with this sweet girl, because she's so easy to deal with!
The other two were harder, but I've learned a thing or two!
Plus she kind of gets babied more than the other two did. Just don't tell them! ;)

This last month she's grown and changed so much! It's been an exciting time!

I'm unsure. I had to reschedule her 9 month appointment 
and they can't get her in until right before she turns one!?!
That seemed insane to me. 
She feels heavier and longer, as she should. 
Definitely isn't hurting for food or anything!

Crawling all over the place. She's always on the move!
She also enjoys pulling herself up on everything - stairs, the fire place, cases of water, me. 
She pretty much pulls herself up on whatever she can and likes to crawl under the coffee table.
To get to me, of course! 
She gets upset though because she often can't get herself down. 
She cries and cries until you help her. It's pretty cute.
Being held by mama still. A total mama's girl and she's cry and crawl after me. 
Eating anything and everything. She isn't picky! 
She also likes to drink from her sippy cup all by herself!
Of course she still enjoys nursing a lot. I think for comfort more than anything else! 
Playing with toys - and water bottles and wipes. Really whatever she can get her hands on.
Watching daddy play video games as she falls asleep.
Playing peek-a-boo and giggling.
Being outside. 

Being held by anyone other than mama. SO MANY TEARS.
When mom leaves the room. 
Being put in her pack'n play for bed time. She knows when I walk down the stairs its time.
Being in her carseat for too long. 
When her brother and sister get too rough with her.
She's pretty reasonable and doesn't dislike a ton! I'm thankful for that!

How's she eating?
She still nurses a lot, but eats meals often too! 
She has three meals a day plus snacks. 
It will be interesting to see how long she nurses. 
With Braden he quit nursing at 13 months and Maeva quit at 11 months old.

How's she sleeping?
She sleeps perfectly! 
She sleeps through the night. Usually goes to bed around 9 and sleeps until after 8.
Not complaints here when it comes to that! 
She usually takes two naps - one in the afternoon and one in the evening. 
So thankful for a good sleeping baby! 

Other things:
I feel like she's going to walk soon. Probably earlier than the other two did. 
She just pulls herself up so well and loves to stand when you hold her hands.
Sometimes she'll just stand up only holding onto one of your hands. 
She's chatty too. Sometimes I think she says the word, "hi!" 
She also waves, which is about the cutest thing ever! 

It's so exciting to watch her grow. 
I look forward to seeing her change and grow as she gets older.
It's such a neat thing and she's such a blessing to our family! 
Love you baby Sutton! 


  1. baby #3 is the gem ;) hehe! my coco was too! Something bout' that number three! She is so adorable!


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