Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8 months

Sutton has been in our lives for 8 months. 
She's such a dream baby and really I can't imagine life without her.
As we get closer and closer to her first birthday I'm kind of freaking out!
I mean, I know she's only 8 months, but it goes so fast
and I know she'll be one before we know it.
I just hope she's always as sweet. 

Chunky, that's all I know.
She obviously isn't going hungry ;)

Being mobile. Girl is crawling. Mostly doing the army crawl,
but crawls on her knees sometimes too.
It's crazy to me that's she's already so mobile 
because Braden and Maeva didn't crawl this soon. 
Getting ahold of my iPhone and chewing on it. Really, chewing on most things. 
Still loves being held by mama the most.
Smiling and playing. 
Loves to play with her siblings. They make her laugh and it's adorable.
Still loves bath time!

When I leave her in the living room and go upstairs for just one second. 
She will crawl to the bottom of the steps and cry for me. 
Really just doesn't like being left alone. 
Being put to bed. She knows when I walk down the stairs she's going in her pack'n play.
She'll start to whimper a bit and then full on cry when she's in there.
Sometimes I let her cry, but most of the time I go get her because she's just too sweet.
Being held by anyone but mom, especially if she can still see mom! ;)
Being held when she's actually tired. She wiggles so much and just wants to be put down. 

How's she eating?
She still breastfeeds a lot, but still only on one side. So awkward.
She also has about three solid meals a day. 
We do babyled weaning, so she eats what we eat.
She enjoys bread, strawberries, sweet potatoes, plantain chips, and veggie straws.
Whenever she sees the veggie straw bag she starts kicking her legs like crazy.
That tells us she is so happy and excited about eating them.
They are super easy for her to grab and I think she loves that! 

How's she sleeping?
She sleeps through the night now that she is away from me in her pack'n play.
The only time she really wakes up is if her teeth are bothering her. 
She however, hates being put down for the night and will cry and cry.
She stays up pretty late because of that.
She also usually takes three naps during the day 
- one in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
I'm definitely happy with how's she sleeping!

Other things: 
She had a little tumble yesterday as you can see by her poor now.
I sat her on our bed, which was a mistake with how much she wiggles and crawls.
She fell off and cried and cried. 
Our bed is pretty low to the ground so I am thankful it wasn't too bad.
I'm honestly surprised we made it this far without her getting hurt. 
She wasn't upset too long, thankfully! 
This girl is pretty much always happy and rarely cries.
She's still such an easy baby and that makes my mama heart so happy!
She also has her first cold, which isn't fun, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much!
She's really snotting, but that's probably part cold and part teething! 
Can't believe she already has 4 teeth - the 4th one in came yesterday!
Oh, she  can also sit herself up from being on her belly and back. 
Just amazes me! 

Everything is happening so fast with this girl.
Bittersweet, I tell ya! 

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