Thursday, October 2, 2014

Overwhelmed By Motherhood

Can I just be honest and say that I'm feeling really overwhelmed by motherhood lately?
The rising early and going to bed late, constant whining and fighting, always needing me,
cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, having to figure out how to entertain them, and on and on.

It has me downright feeling like a failure. 

But there's more it than that. 
There's the fears. 
Those are really leaving me overwhelmed 
and leave me wanting to yank the blanket back over my head 
until their grown and out on their own. 

I'm overwhelmed in thinking about all that depends on me. 
All I have to teach them. Not just things like how to count or the Abc's. 
I mean, that can be overwhelming to me at times, 
but the things that are overwhelming lately...
are things that are of a deeper matter, things that have me asking, 
"If I don't teach them this will they forever be a mess?" 

Things like...
How they should treat other people and how other people should treat them,
How they should treat themselves,
Appropriate boundaries, 
Knowing and following Jesus, 
and on and on that list could go as well. 

I'm sure I'm not the only mama who deals with fears like those. 
I'm sure I'm not the only mama who wonders 
if she's going to completely jack up her children. 
In fact, I know I'm not.

The other day at Bible study another mom said something that's stuck with me. 
She said, "Anything we mess up, He can fix." 
I'm holding tight to those words, wanting to remember them now and for later. 
No matter the mistakes I make with my children (because I will), He can fix it all. 
I'm putting my trust in Him with my kids and letting my worries and fears fall away.

It's not always easy, but He promises to take care of this life we live.
He has a plan in it all -- the good and the bad. He'll shape their little lives with it. 

So, to the mama, who like me worries that you're going to mess up your kiddos.
Give it to God and know that He's the fixer of all things. 
After all He did take our sin and fix it by taking it on Himself.
So thankful that He can fix all things. 


  1. Such a beautiful post. No worries, mama. We are all in His hands. I know you're doing an awesome job BECAUSE you're worried. Although sometimes worry can cause unnecessary anxiety, it can also cause a person to kick it into high-gear and just be really great at what they are. I urge you to take comfort in the progress and greatness you have already provided and continue to provide your lil ones. You're doing great. have a great weekend! xo

  2. I could've written this. I am living in constant anxiety. It's exhausting. On top of being exhausted.

  3. It's a tough road, motherhood. And sometimes I feel myself exhausted, too! One day at a time, girl, and He will carry you!


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