Tuesday, September 9, 2014

To Remember In This Season Of Motherhood

In this season of motherhood, I want to remember...

How even when Sutton is upset, she still smiles.
It's like it's a fight for her to be sad. She just can't help but smile.

That Sutton's a total mamas girl.
Sometimes she cries just at others holding her.
She's even tried to jump out of her daddies arms to get to me.

Sutton starting to move.
It happened much more quickly for her than it did for Braden and Maeva.
She's not crawling just yet, but she's trying.
She's a scooter and will scoot just to get ahold of the iPhone.

That Maeva mostly has good manners.
Especially when it comes to saying thank you.
Any time I give her anything she practically screams, "Thank you Mom! Thank you!"

How she gets so excited about things and often says to others,
"Come on! Let's go!"

Her voice as she sings along to Frozen.
Really, just her voice in general.
Maeva may be the source of my gray hair, but her voice is the sweetest.

The fact that she loves plantain chips more than anything.
She will ask for them and cry for them.
She'll pull the bag out of the cabinet and say, "want pantain chips!"

That Braden is asking for a "Thomas Tent" for his birthday.
I'm 100% he learned that from watching youtube videos about Thomas.
That is how he learned about his Thomas bike after all.

Braden freaks out over bugs.
He even cried about a fly in his room.
"There's a fly in my room. Get it out mom!'

The fact that he told me he loved me the other night without me saying it first.
My heart totally melted.

That, whenever I hurt myself, which somedays can be a lot,
Braden asks, "Are you okay mom? Are you okay?"
and he asks the same to Maeva whenever she's hurt or fussing.

That both Braden and Maeva call Sutton, "Baby Sutton."
They adore her so much and it's so sweet.

I need to write these things down more because the time goes so quickly.
I don't want to forget it because as hard as it can be, there's so much good in this season.

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  1. I was thinking about this yesterday, how I wish I could just freeze time a bit. Hearing you talk about your older 2 calling her "baby Sutton" reminded me how mine did that for sooo long and I miss it now, he was "baby Cash" I melt at the chunky pics of Sutton bc my youngest Cash is that way and even at 2 1/2 he has stayed that way. I just noticed it getting less and I want to cry! The Lord has kept him " mamas baby" (what I still call him all the time and he will say back ☺️) for so long. He wants to be with me all the time. My husband has taught the boys to call me pretty mama and when they say it, it melts me. I think about how in the world I got through those early early days of all them being so tiny and see Gods grace was poured over me daily.😊😊😊 mostly I just want to not take even one day for granted, someday they wont be little guys with blankies dragging everywhere and singing at the tops of their lungs when we ride places ;) 😊😊


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