Friday, September 5, 2014

Series That Ended Far Too Soon

I'm a tv junkie.  
I get easily pulled in and addicted to TV shows. 
For a couple years we didn't have cable, just Netflix and Hulu. 
We do have cable now, but also kept Netflix, 
which I'm happy with because I usually always find something to watch! 
Are you a TV/Netflix junkie to? Or do you struggle in finding something to watch?
Well, I got you covered because today I'm going to share a few of my favorite series, 
that I believe ended far too soon, but can be completely watched on Netflix right now. 

Now, if you get super frustrated with series ending without warning or an actual ending, 
then some of these may not be for you, but I enjoyed each and everyone. 

Series that ended far too soon,
but now can be watched in all their glory on Netflix:

This show is about a foster girl who sets out to find her twin sister 
when she disappears from a family that adopted her.
There's twists, turns, and a whole bunch of lies.
Honestly, I can't do it justice with my explanation. 
At the end of the first series my husband and I 
were left hanging with our mouths open.
We thought surely ABC family would renew the series, but they did not.
I couldn't believe it and am still pretty mad about it actually. 
It's based on a series of books, so maybe I just need to read the books.
However, I'm not convinced that the books would actually be better.

Gossip Girl is all about the upper East siders in New York.
It's all about a group of kids who have it all. 
Amazing homes, all the money they could ever want, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, ect.
Their lives are also full of drama, secrets, lies, and enemies.
They spend a lot of their time plotting against one another 
and outing each other through "Gossip Girl" who sends out everything on her website.
Really, my explanation doesn't do it justice. 
This is one of those shows, where I started off hating certain characters,
 but fell in love with them in the end.
I actually miss them.
Lie to me is a great crime and when I got the end I was like, "WHAT?!?!? It's over?"
The main character is Dr. Lightman who knows 
how to read people's expressions and body language.
He can tell if anyone is lying to him 
and has trained "The Lightman Group" to do so as well.
This is one of my favorite crime shows because I think it is so interesting. 
I also like it because as a person, I think it could come in handy if we could
actually tell people were being dishonest. Life would be easier, don't you think?

3) Twisted
Twisted is a teen drama, but it sucked me in quickly. 
No shame here. I watch teen dramas. Some people in my life probably aren't surprised. ;)
The main character in Twisted is Danny Desai,
who has spent five years in junvenile detention
for killing his aunt when he was just a young child. 
When he's released he returns to his home town.
Soon after that he is accused of killing a classmate. 
No one in the town cares about anything other than him being guilty.
There are so many twists and turns in this show.

::Apparently, ABC is thinking about bringing this one back even though they said it was going to be canceled. It got low rating on tv, but lots of people have loved it on Netflix. So check it out!::

4) Amber
Amber is another crime show, a short tv mini series. I apparently, love crime shows! 
Amber is a 14 year old girl who goes missing and while clues come to light, is never found.
The mini series takes place over the course of a year 
and every episode is based on another persons perspective.
I recently started watching The Killing and it reminds me of this show. 
I was very sad when it came to end because I wanted answers. 
If you like shows to end with you knowing everything or it will drive you nuts, 
maybe don't watch this one! 

The story is all about drama in the lives of adult siblings. 
I loved this show because it seemed like real life. 
Everyone had issues in this show, no one was perfect. 
The issues were real - divorce, death, addiction, lies, ect. 
I probably could have watched this show forever and I think I need to start it again! 

6) Ringer
I randomly found Ringer on Netflix. 
My husband and I watched it together and quickly became hooked.
It's about a sister who takes the place of her twin because she's in trouble.
Soon though, she realizes her sister is in big trouble as well. 
There's lots of twists and turns and it left me thinking, 
"What? That's the conclusion? But I still don't know..."

There's my top 6 shows I think ended way too soon.
Some because the ending didn't feel complete
and some because I could watch them forever.
What shows do you think ended too soon? Have you seen any of these?
What's your favorite show to watch on Netflix?
Always looking for new shows to watch! 

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  1. I'm planning a post about our favorite shows soon too! We only have Netflix, so, in no particular order, my favorite shows:

    The Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad
    Downton Abbey
    How I Met Your Mother
    The Vampire Diaries
    30 Rock

    We're just about done with HIMYM so we're going to need something else! I'm thinking, Lost? Maybe?


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