Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whole30: Week 4 plus results

^^^Cold brew + homemade almond milk. I do suggest this!^^^

Yesterday was my last day on the whole30! 
I cannot believe how quickly the month flew by. 
It went much faster than I expected and I'm actually kind of sad it's over! 
Before I get to my results I want to share with you what I ate this last week.
If you're so over that and just want to see my results then scroll down. =)

Pretty certain I don't have one single picture of what I had for breakfast. 
It was the same thing it has been for the past month. Eggs + sweet potatoes + fruit. 
By now, you get the picture! 


Salads and chicken. Salads and chicken. Salads and chicken. 

In the first picture the green stuff is homemade italian dressing,
which I found here on the whole30 recipe IG feed.
It tasted great the first two days, but after that it settled weird.
Maybe I did something wrong. I'm unsure, but it was good while it lasted!

The second picture is chicken with whole30 approved mustard.
The mustard gave it more a kick!
Plus veggies and unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon.
Delicious and made me feel like I was having a bit of a treat!

The last picture was possibly one of the best salads ever!
Spinach + chicken + carrots + tomatoes +
tangy ranch dressing + crumbled up plantain chips.
I think it was all the chips. They are SO good!


We may have gotten a bit lazy with ideas when it came to dinner this past week.
Chicken + sweet potatoes + mustard.
May sound gross, but it was good and my husband and I both gobbled it down!


Seriously, I cannot rave about plantain chips enough. 
If you have a Trader Joes go get some NOW. 
I was surprised at how much I loved them! 
I thought maybe they'd be okay, but the minute I popped one in my mouth I thought, 
"Who the heck needs chips? Not me!" So so so good! 
We've had this with guac and salsa (both were whole30 approved) 
and we just love them with salsa! 
It's definitely my favorite snack and we may have eaten way too many bags already! 
I've also had apples + almond butter, bananas, Lara Bars, almonds, fruits strips that were whole30 approved and this passion tea unsweetened. All things that are delicious! 
I would definitely recommend the plantain chips and passion tea! 

Now onto my....Results!!!

^^^Left:The night before starting Whole30. Stuffing my face with ice cream and filling ill!
Right: Me today! =)^^^

Yes, I took lot's of selfies while doing the whole30. 
It helped me to stay motivated when I saw change in my face + body. 
I see no harm in that! Do what you gotta do to stay motivated! 

^^^Left: Before starting Whole30. Right: Today!^^^

When I first started Whole30 I weight 153.4 pounds.
Currently I weight 146.4.
That's 7 pounds lost!
I only have 1.4 pounds to go until I'm back 
to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had Maeva and Sutton! 
Then, I only have 16.4 pounds to lose until I'm back to where I think I want to be. 
It may not seem like I lost a ton of weight, but 7 pounds is amazing to me.
Plus I know I lost inches all over my body! I can just see it. 
It's more than just about the weightless though, it's about the non-scale victories.
The weightless helps me to feel better because I know I can do it. 
It's nice to have to pull my shorts up multiple times a day. 
It's nice to feel some confidence coming back and feeling more like myself. 
It's amazing to feel good about what I'm putting in my body. 
I don't feel sick all the time (if ever) and my mood has improved so much! 
I'm going to do a post about my mood 
and why whole30 was good for my marriage later this week! 
That in itself deserves a post all by itself! 
Because of all these things I won't go back to how I was eating.
Will I not ever have sugar, dairy, grains ever again? 
No because I am human and I do enjoy those things,
but they will be limited because I want to live my life feeling good + confident & healthy! 
I look forward to living a life that is healthier and happier. 
Currently I am starting the process of reintroducing food just to see how it affects me. 
I know it won't be fun, but I'm curious to know. 
It will help me to make good choices and know what affects my body and how! 
I'll share more on reintroducing foods at a later date! 
I also will be adding in workouts, which didn't happen this month at all. 
I blame the fact that my elliptical is broken, but that's a sad excuse! 
I will get back on track with that! If I can do Whole30, I can do workouts! 

I'm so glad I took this journey. 
I thought it'd be hard, but it really wasn't.
I thought I wouldn't see results, but I saw so many! 
It was all totally and completely worth it!

What do you think? Have I convinced you to do the Whole30 yet? ;)

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