Thursday, July 24, 2014

Twenty Three

Hello! I turned twenty three months old on the 20th! 
Don't I look so big? Well, I sure act it! 
Mom and dad just can't believe how big I am! 
They know I'm about to turn two, but some days I seem so much bigger! 
Everyday it seems like I'm talking more and more. 
I can pretty much tell you what I need or want. 
I love to say my siblings names. 
"There's Sutton!" "Where's Braden?"
I really just love my siblings so much! 
You can see how much I love my baby sister here.
I've also been a total mama's girl lately. 
I go to mom a lot saying, "I need you mom. I need you." 
I know at times it can drive her crazy, but I think deep down she loves it! 
I just want to cuddle with her sometimes or have her hold me.

How can she deny that when soon enough it won't be true!
I enjoy playing with play food and my kitchen now. 
Still need my babies of course! 
I also like to pick out my own clothes, but maybe I've told you that before. 
And I always want a bow in my hair, at least for a little while. 
I think that's all that's new with me. 
I'm still sassy and emotional. I think that just comes with being a girl! ;)


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