Thursday, June 19, 2014

Three things blogging isn't about

I love to blog. I think it's fun to have my own space that is just for me. 
I've been blogging since before I had my son (not here, elsewhere),
but I don't claim to know everything or much of anything about blogging. 
However, today I wanted to share three things I am certain that I do know! 
This post is for those who are thinking about starting a blog 
or those who maybe are feeling a bit discouraged when it comes to blogging. 
Read on if you want to know three things I believe blogging isn't about! 

Blogging isn't about...

Writing for others. 
I fully believe that writing in this space is for me. 
Do I like that people read it? Yes, of course! 
Do I want people to read it? Yes, of course!
But I don't cater to other people's needs/wants when it comes to this space of mine. 
If you're blogging just for other people then your blog more than likely won't last long. 
You'll burn out and it will be a struggle to find things to blog about. 
Blog for YOU. Write what you want. 
If no ones read it, so what! 
Don't start a blog (or continue to blog) only for others! 
You won't enjoy it that way!

This kind of goes with the former. 
Don't start a blog in hopes that you'll get thousands of people reading your blog.
It takes time to grow your blog and if it's all about numbers to you, 
then you may end up disappointed.
Again, write for you and if you have a handful of people who love to read your blog 
and follow you, I'd say you're doing pretty good! 
That's what I tell myself anyway! 
I appreciate the people who really do take an interest in this space.
That's more important to me than having 1,000+ followers. 

Making money.
Can you make money blogging? Yes. 
Will you be rolling in the dough? Maybe, but probably not. 
First of all, it takes time to get to the point where you can make some money. 
It also takes work. 
People aren't just going to hand you money (that'd be nice, wouldn't it?). 
Often you have to sign up (or be reached out to) by companies/individuals 
that want to pay for working for them 
and there are often requirements to work for those companies.
You can also give people the option to advertise on your blog to make money,
but again that takes time and effort. 
If you have the time and effort to put into it, great! 
If you don't then that probably isn't the best option.
Which is the reason I don't, because sometimes I barely even have time to blog. 
Doing extra just doesn't work for me currently. 
Now, you might be wondering if I make money blogging since I'm saying all these things.
I make some. A ton? No and I doubt I will because as I said before it takes a lot of time.
I don't blog just to make money, but the companies I do work with 
and the money I do make, is appreciated! 

I'm by no means a blogger who knows it all.
I'm not a blogger who knows everything about blogging,
because boy oh boy is there a lot to go into it!
I am, however, positive that if you're blogging for these three reasons,
then you are blogging for the wrong reasons!

Would you add anything to this list?
Do you agree? Disagree?
Why do you blog?

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  1. I think it depends on what type of blog you are writing. In our case as "Lifestyle" bloggers, I agree that it can't be about numbers or other people, it will just fall off if that were the case! If you aren't doing something you love eventually it will die out. Thanks for sharing friend.


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