Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The things I don't want to forget

Babies grow so quickly don't they?
I remember the days each of them were born just as if it were yesterday.
It's hard to believe that Braden's going to be four years old in a short 5 months,
Maeva is going to be two at the end of August,
and Sutton is about to turn five months old.
Where does time go? It flies I tell ya!
Here are a few things I want to remember about each of them at the age they are now.


I want to remember his love for trains. 
They are his favorite and not a day goes by that he doesn't play with them. 
He'll stay up late in the night and rise early in the morning just for his trains. 

I want to remember how he says, "I need to say a prayer mom." at bed time.
And how he prays, "Dear Jesus, thank you I get to see mom, 
thank you I need to see dad, thank you I get to see Maeva, 
thank you I get to see baby Sutton."
It's the sweetest. 

I want to remember how excited gets about painting with cars or anything he enjoys. 
How he likes to tell baby Sutton about those things. 

I want to remember how at night when were laying in his bed, talking about his day,
he puts his hands around my neck and plays with my hair. 

I want to remember how much he loves Maeva and Sutton. 
When he hears Maeva awake in her room, he runs to her and says, "Hi Maeva!" 
When he hears Sutton awake or sees her, he gets so close to her and also tells her hello. 
At night time he always says he needs to hug and kiss Maeva. 
The relationship he has with them melts my heart. He's such a good big brother! 


I want to remember how her hair curls.
How she pushes her bangs out of her eyes and plays with her hair when she's tired.

I want to remember how she throws her arms up in the air and says, 
"I need you!" 

I want to remember that every morning she asks for her daddy. 
"Where's daddy?" she asks.
And at night, how she prefers for him to put her to bed. 
She rests her little head on his shoulder and is just at peace because she has him. 

I want to remember how she loves slides. 
How she squeals, "SLIDE!" when she sees them and she has no fear. 

I want to remember how before she goes to her crib for bed, she hugs her brother
and whispers, I love you! She won't say it to anyone else, but him. 

I want to remember how she loves her little sister and kisses her multiple times a day. 


I want to remember how happy this girl is. How she's always smiling. 

I want to remember how easily she goes to sleep. 
Staring at her mobile, cooing, and sucking her thumb. 
Her thumb sucking melts my heart.

I want to remember how she wakes up smiling. 
Not just with her lips, but it's like her whole face lights up.

I want to remember her chunkiness. 
So many rolls! 

I want to remember how it feels like hold her when she's sleeping or when she's awake. 
It's such a peaceful, fulfilling thing, having a baby just want you, to be at peace in your arms.

I want to remember the blue-ness of her eyes.

I want to remember nursing her and how she just loves her mama's milk, 
but sometimes she'll pull away for her thumb. =)

There's so much I want to remember. 
I wish I could take a snapshot of it all, of the feeling. 
I just want to remember their littleness. 
I wish they could stay little for a while longer because as hard as it is, it's a precious time. 

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  1. Man I'm pregnant. I almost cried just reading the cute little things they do. I could go on and on with lists as well. Thanks for the reminder to treasure this time :)


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