Monday, June 9, 2014

Kid Friendly 4th of July Party with World Market

Summer has finally arrived
and the fourth of July is just around the corner.
I enjoy holidays a lot more now that I have children,
simply because they get so excited about it all.
I'm looking forward to watching fireworks
and maybe doing something special with the kids.
I've put together a few ideas
for a kid friendly fourth of July party with items from World Market
because you all know that's my favorite store!
I definitely need to purchase a few of the items below.

My top 10 picks for having 
a 4th of July party with Kids


1. Open weave fire pit.
I think this fire pit is beautiful.
I think it would be perfect for roasting s'mores.
My kids love anything and everything chocolate, so they would definitely love this!
My husband and I wouldn't mind either! ;)
You can't make s'mores without all the goods!
These kits and come with everything you need to make s'mores even campfire songs!
I mean, clearly you have to sing when roasting s'mores.
My son would probably get fed up with me right away, but it'd be fun!

3. Retro snow cone maker.
Making snow cones would probably be the highlight for my kids
and me too, who am I kidding! I love snow cones!

The torani syrups would also be great to add to many drinks!
I know my kids would love them,
especially my last item....

5. Burlap star string lights.
My kids love lights and these star lights with be the perfect touch.
I can imagine hanging them on our deck or up in a tree.
I know my kids would notice them right away
and would love touching them with their little hands
and talking about the stars (and fireworks!) up in the sky.

6. Red bali club canvas chair.
These chairs are perfect for sitting around in the backyard.
Great for kids and adults.
They are also currently on sale, so I am sold!

7. Steakhouse burger blend.
World Market has great food items and this one would be perfect for grilling out!
My family is all for trying out new spices and such on our burgers.

8. Two tier beverage dispenser.
I LOVE this so much!
You could easily fill one dispenser with a beverage just for kids
and the other with a beverage for adults.

This cooler would be perfect to have sitting on our deck.
World Market has lots of adult beverages to chose from
or sodas for the kids that would be great to throw in these over ice!

With the right amount of lighting this could be fun at night!
Not only would the kids enjoy it, but the adults too!

These ten items from World Market would definitely help to make
a fourth of July party a lot more fun for kids and adults too!
Do any of these items make you want to run to World Market right this minute?
I think I definitely need to purchase the snow cone maker.
I know it would get used many many times this summer and beyond!

Checkout these links for other items that would make any summer party a hit!
BBQ and grilling items
Outdoor dining and entertaining
Really, just hop on over to their site because
there are so many items that would be great for any party!

Having a party like this would make summer great,
but you know what else would? A vacation!
I would love if we were able to take a vacation.
Do you wish the same thing? Well, then you're in luck!
World Market has partnered with Southwest airlines to offer FOUR great summer getaways!

Each week their will be a winner and the winner will receive:
airfare for 4, hotel accommodations, and a $500 World Market gift card.
Is that just amazing? I would love this for sure!
Want to enter? Just click this link to enter for your chance to win! Good luck!

Also, come back later this week for a giveaway! Its a fun item from World Market! ;)

This post is sponsored by World Market, but all opinions and ideas are my own. 


  1. Love this post! Question, do you know how to get snow cone ice??

  2. I love all of these!! I've seen so many of those items at WM and been tempted to buy them. Especially the little wooden cooler!


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