Monday, May 12, 2014

Ya just gotta take a chill pill

^^^Stolen from my hubby's Instagram^^^

Okay, I don't actually take chill pills,
but sometimes I'm sure people think I'm crazy and need a pill or two.
I just want to be honest here today
and tell you that some days my attitude is less than pleasant.
Actually, I feel like that is a BIG FAT understatement.
The last few months, years, or I don't know how long.
my attitude has been completely awful.
I've been moody, mean, and angry. Really angry.
I think a lot of it has had to do with adjustment.
It's hard adjusting to having babies, for me anyway.
You have to sacrifice a lot, which I am not complaining about,
but that's harder some days than others.
A lot of those feelings, I believe, also come from stress.
There's so many stressors in life.
Kids can stress you out in general.
The fits make me anxious.
Trying to figure out how to deal with those and parent makes me anxious.
Having babies can put stress on a marriage too.
It changes it quiet a bit.
Plus trying to get on the same page as one another when it comes to parenting.
Then, there's not getting the chance to spend alone time together like you used to.
There's other things too that can be stressful.
Work. Money. Family drama. House stuff. Emotional baggage.
On and on the list could go.
I'm pretty certain everything could stress you out if you let it.
I haven't ever really been good at handling stress or my emotions.
I think a lot of these things piled up and made me extra cranky and extra mean.

The other day I was being a jerk to my husband.
Sadly, he gets that a lot because for some reason it just get easy to lash out at him.
I know I'm not the only wife that struggles with this.
It pretty much sucks for everyone though.
I don't like lashing out at him and he certainly doesn't enjoy it either.
Plus, I know the kids can sense it all as well.
So, I decided that I just needed to chill the heck out.
I needed to take a chill pill. I needed an attitude adjustment.
Now, I've known this before, but didn't really make an effort to change.
I don't know why this is.
I think maybe that at times its easier to just be moody.
It takes of an effort and work to change,
but I thought about it a lot.
I knew that if I didn't want to live life like this, then I would have to make an effort.
And I don't want to have a life full of being rude to my husband.
That would not leave us with satisfying and godly life or marriage.

So, I've been trying harder.
With my husband and my kids.
To stress less. To yell less.
To be nice with my words and actions.
To chill the heck out and just have a better attitude.
I'm not perfect, but it's feeling a lot better.

Do you struggle with this?
Hoping this is encouraging to someone!
Lots of times in life I think we just have to change our attitude.
It can make a huge difference!


  1. Who me? No, never ;)
    YES. Just yesterday. Probably everyday actually.
    It is hard. Same reasons. Adjustments, stress, lack of sleep, etc.
    And my reason for not 'taking the chill pill' when I know I need to? PRIDE. I do not want to admit it is my fault. I want it to be someone else's fault.
    Thanks for your honesty. I feel ya friend.

  2. Oh I am so with you. It is so hard. I am trying to remain focused on the tasks at hand and not get bent out of shape... but still, SO hard.

  3. I'm dealing with the same. I am very task oriented, so when I can't accomplish what I have planned, I get very frustrated. I'm working on it. It's gotten harder as our third child came along. But realizing the problem is half the issue. Today, in the middle of cleaning, my 2 year old decided he needed his hair cut NOW. Admittedly, it needed cut, like 3 weeks ago. And his aunt and uncle are graduating this weekend. So, I stopped and cut it. Even though I couldn't keep at my task. Even though he has an appointment next week. It was what he needed in that moment.
    It's hard. But everything good is hard, right?!


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