Friday, May 9, 2014

Letting go of the clean home

Those are a few pictures of the messes around our home.
They aren't too bad, right?
I know some of you are probably like, "No! I consider that really clean!"
The truth is our home is pretty clean a lot of the time,
but that's because I have a problem with cleaning.
If you came to my house any day of the week,
 you'd more than likely see me cleaning A LOT.
I honestly feel like a maid most of the time (I know...what mom doesn't?)
because that is how much I am cleaning.
It's pretty non-stop, everyday of the week.
I like a clean home. Maybe a little too much.
My husband's actually told me to chill out on the cleaning.
To just rest. To just be with the kids.
I've been thinking about it a lot this week,
you know as I clean as much as I can.
For me, I think it's more about just having a clean home.
A clean home is great, I feel a lot less stressed after it's nice and clean.
What it really comes down to though?
I care way too freaking much about what people think.

When people come into my home I don't want it to be a mess.
I'm scared their home is cleaner than ours.
I'm scared their going to think we are slobs.
I'm scared they are going to wonder what I do all day
(ya know besides take care of three, three and under).
More so I'm scared they are going to say something and make me cry.
Yes, I'm that sensitive about it.
This is definitely another childhood insecurity that followed me to my now.
Growing up our home wasn't always the cleanest
and I'm totally not making any judgements because I GET it,
but it's had an affect on me.
Especially because I've heard family members comment on it.
Or even say things to me about needing to vacuum under the stove
(do people even do that???).

Tomorrow I'm throwing my sister a wedding shower
and because of that I've busted my butt cleaning from top to bottom.
It's not perfect though and I'm trying to let go of the idea of the perfectly clean home.
I think I'll sweep and mop the always dirty and sticky floor.
Maybe wipe down the countertops and the kids toilet seat AGAIN.
But I think I'll leave the toys and laundry.
I will always try to not care tomorrow when someone comments
because I know it will happen!

Trying to care a bit less about what others think when it comes to this
and so much because really, what mama has time for that? Not this one!


  1. I worry about a lot of those things and have heard comments about cleaning under appliances as well. Growing up my home was always spotless. So much so that a friend of mine once said that she didn't like to come over because she was afraid she would mess something up. That leaves me constantly feeling like my home is never clean enough.
    I don't deep clean it that often or maybe ever. Just trying to keep dishes, laundry, and toys in order is hard for me. Consciously I tell myself that playing with my kids is more important than scrubbing the bath tub or whatever place I find a 'dirty' spot. However, there is still a place of guilt hanging around in recesses of my mind.
    I'm most definitely trying to let go of the idea of having my home clean enough.

  2. I could say the same about a lot of this post. I have a super detailed schedule each week of what I'll clean, etc. I can't function though in a messy or dirty home. When I'm at someone else's house I don't care, as long as it's not gross dirty. The messes don't bother me, unless their my own! My kids are older though and in school all day, so I don't experience the guilt of you're talking about. I think it's definitely possible though to find a happy medium.. time cleaning and time with the kids. And, your kids aren't too young to start helping you with cleaning up! Start them early! :)


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