Friday, May 16, 2014

My weight loss truth

It's no secret I've struggled with my weight ever since having my first baby. 
I'm embarrassed to admit that because I was skinny before, 
I thought I'd snap back to being tiny.
I guess for some women, maybe that's the case, but it definitely wasn't for me.
However, for most women I'm assuming this isn't how it goes. 
After having Braden and Maeva I was so upset about how much I weighed. 
I was 50-70 pounds heavier and there were many times I'd throw myself across my bed crying because nothing fit and I felt completely awful about myself. 
It was really depressing and after having Sutton I wanted things to be different. 
So, I decided to try something different!

Instead of crying and being depressed, I decided to work out and eat healthier. 
With my first two pregnancies I didn't lose any weight after I had my kids. 
I stayed at a steady 145 pounds after having my first two 
and was sure that's how it'd be this time! 
I weighed more after having Sutton, 
but guess what working out and making smarter food choices, actually changes things!!!
Who knew? Ha ha. ;) The pounds are coming off. 
Not as quickly as I'd like, of course, but at least I am not steadily at 160! 
It's not easy, but I don't need it to be easy.
I need it to work and if I push myself, it does! 

The truth is, my truth is I'm not going to lose weight by sitting on my butt.
I'm not going to lose weight by eating as many Oreos as I want. 
I'm not going to lose weight by drinking coke and skipping the water.
Those are my weight loss truths.

I will however lose weight by hoping on the elliptical (which now needs to be fixed),
trying to get 27 minutes of 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels (I've done two days ha ha),
walking the stairs with weights, taking my kids on a walk to the park, 
or doing my walk at home video with Leslie .
Leslie > Jillian just incase you were wondering =)
I will also lose weight when I make smarter choices when it comes to food! 
Next week I'll be sharing somethings I've been eating that have helped! 
It's all about working out + eating better. 
I'm not perfect, but I've come a whole lot farther than before! 

My pregnancy weight was over 170
After I had Sutton 160
Currently: 153.4 (yes, that's my belly above)
Goal: 130
Just gotta keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming! 

Are you trying to lose the baby weight?
Is it a struggle? What to do you do to work out?
What's your favorite healthy thing to eat?
Tell me! I'm always looking for more encouragement + motivation! 


  1. Kassie...I follow you on IG and I love your posts. I have three boys now 14,11,&7. I have struggled with weight loss with each child. I never had to exercise before children. I agree wholeheartedly with's all about eating right & exercise (keep moving)!! So hard to do when once you sit...your eyes just want to close. I remember those days!!! It is a lifestyle change. But don't forget to cherish those moments of quiet with your sweet ones. They grow so fast!!! And give yourself a is only for a season after all ❤️ Keep up the hard work & dedication!!! It will pay off!!! God bless you & your sweet family!

  2. You're doing an amazing job!


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