Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My bathroom routine with three littles

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, 
but my love for their fresh care flushable cleansing cloths is all my own! 

My morning bathroom routine rarely ever starts before the kids wake up. 
If it does, it's a rare thing, because this mommy-ing three little ones is exhausting. 
I usually make it into the bathroom 
somewhere in-between making them breakfast and playtime. 
Braden and Maeva always follow me because they can't be away from me for too long.
Sutton, I don't give her a choice. She always goes in the swing! 
So, how do I accomplish a bathroom routine with these three? 
It's quick that's for sure!

I put my contacts in first thing.
I need to be sure I can see all the trouble the toddlers are getting into!
It usually involves grabbing things off the counter or getting into drawers. 
I drink as much as my iced coffee as I can 
before brushing my teeth and hoping in the shower. 
Sometimes a shower happens, sometimes it doesn't. 
It all depends on how wild the kids are being! ;)
The same goes for doing my hair and make-up.
That's good enough for this mama! 
I need it all to go as fast as possible,
so we can move on with our day and they don't destroy the bathroom or one another! 

You know what else I need to go quickly in the bathroom? 
Actually using the bathroom or the "toy-it" as my three year old calls it =)
I simply don't have time to take my time in the bathroom. 
Not only because there's kids to take care of but really, there's no privacy for it! 
I need to be in and out without worrying! 
The cottonelle wet + dry combination is great for that! 
I know it's a bit awkward to talk about clean bums,
but I deal with them a lot during the day! ;)

The toilet paper in itself is great because it's soft and sturdy enough to get the job done
but I love, love, love, the flushable cleansing cloths because they give extra freshness. 
I can be in and out of the bathroom without worrying that I'm totally clean. 
With the cottonelle wet + dry combination I know that I am!
I don't need one more thing to worry about as a mom, so I find this to be great! 
The cleanings cloths would also be great for potty training purposes 
or to wipe little hands and faces. 

I got mine at CVS and you can too with this coupon for a $1.50 off 
when you purchase both the toilet paper and the cleaning cloths.

That's my bathroom routine with three little ones. 
It's not glamorous, but quick and I'm thankful for things that make it even quicker!

^^^Chillin' in her swing as I get ready!^^^
^^^Always, always getting into something! Yep, the nursing pads!^^^
^^^The oldest giving the youngest kisses. Love it!^^^


  1. Love your little bathroom party, I am just getting to the stage where I can actually go to the bathroom myself again. I love love those Cottonelle wipes.

  2. WE love Cottonelle! Their flushable wipes are a Godsend in this house!

  3. Love your bathroom routine.

  4. Love your bathroom routine.

  5. Great blog! I had three little ones running around and driving me crazy... my girls are 2 years apart. Now, my oldest is getting ready to start high school... but I still can't seem to go to the bathroom without someone finding me and banging on the door.


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