Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Worrying about my first born

This boy, my first born, has my heart more than he knows.
He made me realize how much my heart could grow and change. 
He drives me absolutely crazy a lot of the time,
but fills me with more joy that I can even share.
I've been worrying about him lately and probably shouldn't be, but just want to get it out.

He's so smart. 
He knows his colors and can count to ten.
Sometimes things come out of his mouth and I wonder where he learned such things.
He knows the difference between a helicopter sound and an airplane sound in the sky.
He knows the difference between the sirens of a police car and fire truck. 
Trains are his absolute favorite 
and I'm pretty positive he could name every train from Thomas.
He likes to sing, but gets embarrassed if you look at him when he's doing so.
He also loves to paint. 
But sometimes I worry he's not where he should be developmentally. 
I'm sure I'm overthinking and over worrying.
He isn't even three and a half yet, but I still wonder everyday. 

I wonder when he doesn't seem to understand questions I'm asking him. 
Or when a stranger says hi to him and the only word that leaves his mouth is, "Train!"
I worry when he throws himself on the floor...
simply because we asked him to do something.
Or when he doesn't seem to be acting like other kids his age. 
I worry when he won't stay in bed at night, but sleep by his door.
Or when he keeps on having accident after accident. 

The truth is, I know that he is probably just a normal three year old. 
He's still so little, learning and growing so much every day. 
I think I just let my thoughts get ahead of me and worrying comes so naturally to me.
Trying to give it to God and trust Him.
I know He knows the plans that Braden, for all my kids. 
Really, that should be enough to bring my peace.
Praying for it.

Have you ever struggled with this when it came to your kids?
What helped ease the worry?


  1. I think ultimately, as mothers, we need an authoritative answer to give us peace when it comes to our child's development. Those concerns will haunt you as you compare your child to others, compare your stories with other mothers', etc. If you're able, I'd set up a comprehensive physical with your child's doctor. Express the concerns you have when you make the appointment, and again with the doctor. If your worries are confirmed, at least you can begin to make plans, research, and find out what you need to know and do to be the most help to your child. It may seem scary at first, but just remember that your child is still your child; the one you carried, the one you've known every milestone for, and a change in perception doesn't change who he is. Just some thoughts from another mom who has been through (and still struggles with) the worries.

  2. Praying for you, friend! And I agree with DebbieDee - if you are worried, then talk to a dr about it. But, be praying for peace from God that whatever the dr says, you know Braden will be ok and you all will be able to handle it with God's help - whether he is developing normally, or if there are other issues at hand. The great thing is you can find answers to help give you peace of mind, and God will guide you with those answers to move on from there! Love you and praying for your family!


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