Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring is finally here

And I really couldn't be more happy about it! 
The trees are looking beautiful and flowers are popping up everywhere.
Plus it gives me more motivation to get out and about during the day. 
It's nice to go on walks with the kids,
Sutton and Maeva is the stroller, Braden running ahead.
It's warmer, but there's usually a bit of a breeze or storms appear some days,
I'm a fan of both depending on my mood. 
It's also perfect weather for the kids to run around in the backyard
or breakout the side walk chalk in the driveway.
The park is nice as well and I'm looking forward to taking them to the farmstead soon. 
Spring is just better for everyone. 
We don't have to be cooped up inside.
It allows us to be free outside and as a mama that makes me so happy.
Our days go better and quicker. 
Everyone is much happier. 
I'm looking forward to planning more activities to do outside. 
Pinterest will help me out for sure! 

Do you love spring? 
What activities do you plan on doing? 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE spring. Loathe that I never have time to make dinner, but love the fresh air!


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