Monday, April 21, 2014

Words Speak

As far as I can remember words have always spoken to me.
Words of encouragement is my number one love language,
so it's no surprise how words can make me feel.
They have the ability to lift me up so high,
to speak life into me.
Or they have the ability to make me feel so low.
I love surrounding myself with words that fill me with encouragement.
Today I want to share some prints that are encouraging me right now.

I won these pen and paint prints in a giveaway.
I love them because the words encourage me so much.
An extra bonus is that they are absolutely an amazing piece of art.
Lindsay picks out the best quotes and illustrates them beautifully.
Words speak to me, but words beautifully illustrated speak to me even more!

I LOVE this print so much! 
It's probably my favorite out of all the prints. 
So often I find myself discouraged with all that is ahead of me. 
I find myself thinking...
"Motherhood is going to be hard today. I can't do it!" 
"I'm never going to lose weight. I should just give up!"
"I'm so depressed. I'm going to have an awful day!" 
But this print encourages me otherwise. 
Motherhood is hard. Every day there are battles, but I an do it. 
I can do it with Jesus and coffee. 
I can do it because I love my kids more than they know. 
Losing weight is so incrediably hard. 
It isn't something I had to ever worry about until after I had babies. 
Every day I face the lie that I can't do it, 
but this print encourages me by telling me I can do it day by day, workout by workout.
Depression can be hard. Oh, so hard! 
There are good days and bad days, but that's what this print tells me. 
There will be good days! They can happen! 
What do you need to believe can happen today?

The colors and design of this print are just beautiful.
I can't help but smile when I see it and the words just make me smile even more.
I am enough. You are enough.
I need to hear that often and I know I'm not the only one.
Trying to rest in these words. 

You can never go wrong with black and white. 
Goals and dreams are so important in life. 
Every one has them or at least everyone should! ;)
This encourages me in that. 
It's okay to have goals, it's okay to dream... it's even good to do those things!
I can reach my goals! I can reach my dreams! 
I never have to stop having goals or dreams.

Sometimes its so easy for me to be the less than best version of myself, 
especially with my words and actions, towards my husband and kids.
Even towards myself. 
This print encourages me to work on that. 
Something I need to do on a daily basis. 
There's always room to grow and be a better you.

Do you have any words that encourage you on a daily basis?
Looking forward to tucking these cards into spaces around my house,
so I can see them often and find encouragement throughout my days!

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  1. I love these all! They're so pretty. I just love everything she does though, you know? So creative! And amazingly talented!


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