Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do that one thing that makes you feel good

I have written plenty of times about struggling with motherhood. 
I've written about not feeling like I'm enough in many areas of my life. 
I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this, 
the world constantly tells us we aren't enough, no matter what we do.
But I'm here to say differently. 
In Him we are enough. I believe that fully. 
It's hard sometimes to feel that way, to wrap my head around it.
I still believe it though. 
I also think though, that at times,
there are things we can do to feel better about our struggles.
Whether they be in motherhood, marriage, in any area really,
we can do something to make ourselves feel better about it all.

I struggle in motherhood so much. 
I often feel constantly in survival mode. 
And I mean, I have a 3 year old, an almost 20 month old, and an almost 3 month old.
I'm sure no one blames me in feeling that way. 
I get tired of it some days. 
I want life to be more than that. 
Some days it's just about doing ONE THING to make me feel like a better mother. 
And you know what that one thing is?
Doing any activity. 

Maybe it looks like going outside and kicking a ball around.
Or dying eggs with shaving cream + food coloring
Maybe it looks like making ice cream playdoh
Or letting Braden give his cars a wash in the sink. 
Maybe it looks like asking him to tell me the color of the blocks he's playing with.
Or reading a book to Maeva over and over. 
Doing one activity with my children makes me feel a billion times better as a mom. 

So, if you're struggling in motherhood, marriage, or life in general just pick one thing.
I think doing one thing each day that makes us feel like we aren't failures is important.
Maybe you feel like an awful wife, so do one thing that makes you feel otherwise.
Maybe it's something your husband needs you to do, but you some times fail at,
For me, that's making sure I pack my husband's lunch and have his work clothes ready.
Maybe you feel like an awful friend, so find something that makes you feel better.
Write an email or mail a card. 
Or pick up the phone. 
We aren't failures no matter what... because we love, 
but I'm all about DOING ONE THING that lifts us all up in this house! 
For me and my kids doing some type of an activity helps us a ton. 

Do you struggle with feeling like a failure?
What makes you feel otherwise? 
What one thing makes you feel good as a mother, wife, friend, ect? 

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