Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Favorite Kitchen Appliance + easy meals

I used to enjoy cooking.
More than I do now anyway.
Now, being a mom of three littles ranging from age 3 to 2 months old,
it's really all about things being simple, fast, and easy!
What kitchen item make cooking meals for my family those three things?
The crockpot, of course!
I am convinced that is the best kitchen appliance.
It's definitely a favorite of mine and if I could I would use it for every single meal.
I love throwing things together in the crockpot
and not having to worry about it all day long.
Just gather the food, toss it in, turn it on and you are done until dinner time.
Plus, my home usually ends up smelling delicious,
which makes me so ready for whatever is cooking!
I just cannot complain about that!

Here are a few of my favorite crockpot meals, all I came across on Pinterest
because finding meals on there just makes life a whole lot easier as well.

Crock pot tater tot casserole found on  Pinterest via Tammilee Tips

Original Taco soup found on Pinterest va Cooking Mommy

Crock pot Chicken Tacos on Pinterest via Katherine in the Kitchen

Okay, so clearly there is a theme to what I think delicious!
Lots of things with beans and spice! ;)
The chicken chili tacos are a favorite here.
Want to make it even easier? Throw all the items in the crock pot,
except for the chicken and by a roasted chicken that is already cooked!
An hour or so before throw it in the crockpot and mix it in.
I'm not sure if that's easier, but it seemed cheaper to me.
Maybe I'm wrong, but it's what I did!

You can find the three of these on my Recipes I've tried and loved Pinterest board.
I also have a board dedicated simply to crock pot recipes
or you can check out all my boards here.

Do you have a deep love for the crockpot?
What are some of your favorite recipes?
Share. Share. Share. Links please!

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