Friday, April 4, 2014

4 ways to be healthier (and hopefully lose the baby weight)

Before I got pregnant with my oldest I never struggled with my weight.
I was a solid 110 pounds, never losing weight and never gaining it.
I was never insecure about my weight or my body.
I never had to watch what I ate because it just didn't matter.
I never threw myself on my bed crying because nothing fit right and I felt so fat!
It just wasn't something I struggled with,
but when I was pregnant with Braden I gained 50 pounds.
It has been a struggle ever since!
It's so hard to go from not having to worry about gaining weight,
to gaining it and not being able to lose it.

I gained more weight with every pregnancy and of course was at my heaviest with Sutton.
It is so hard to think about where I once was, where I am, and where I want to be.
If I'm being honest here, which is what I always want to be on this space,
I've thought there is no way I am going to lose this baby weight.
Of course, with that attitude I probably won't because I probably wouldn't try.
However, because I'm so tired of being overweight and so tired of feeling bad about myself,
I am going to try my hardest to do whatever is in my power to lose the extra weight.
Now, I don't want to be 110 pounds, but 130 sounds great to me.
Really though it's about more than trying to lose the weight, it's about being healthy!
So, today I'm going to share with you a few ways I'm aiming to do those things.

1. Drink more water. 
I've never been a huge fan of water.  Actually, I've actually thought it tasted gross, which I know may seem silly to most! I've been drinking a lot of coffee (Starbucks, which I will never ever give up ;) and a lot of coke. So,  I decided to give up coke, which has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Before deciding to give up coke and drink more water I rarely drank water. I would have maybe two glasses a day. That is not healthy and not enough! I've been drinking a lot more water lately and I know it's helping me feel better. I'm hydrated and it helps to fill me up. I hope I learn to love water during this journey.

2. Eat more veggies & fruit + other good things

The funny thing about this is I actually love fruit & veggies.
I prefer them over all the other junk! However, they are a bit more pricey not to mention its just easy to grab things like Oreos and ice cream. It is so easy to gravitate towards the bad stuff even though I don't enjoy it as much. I mean, I like Oreos, but I eat way more fruit and veggies when I chose those. I just want to make better choices when it comes to what foods I chose to put into my body. I need to do more research about healthier choses because that's part of my issue, just not knowing! So any suggestions would be appreciated!

3. Exercise

I am not a fan of exercising,
but I know that its a big part in being healthy and losing weight.
I want to love it, but I do not. I want to be a runner, but I am not. I decided that I needed more motivation to work out because sometimes the wanting it, isn't enough for me. So, I decided to join the #1800minutechallenge in hopes that it would motivate me. You can read more about it here, but basically its about working out for 1800 minutes this month. Sounds overwhelming doesn't it? But really it adds up to only 30 minutes a day. That's not bad is it? I've been using the elliptical and I hope by the end of the month I'll have more of a love for working out! You should join in!

4. Tracking it on My Fitness Pal

I've used My Fitness Pal before, but gave up. I'm not always the most consistent person when it comes to doing things. This was one of those times, but I'm hoping tracking me calories + my exercising will help me lose the weight! Do you use My Fitness Pal? If you want to be my friend then just search for kassierew.

Are you on a fitness journey?
Do you have any tips you'd add to this list?


  1. Have you ever tried fruit infused water?? Add some fruit to your water pitcher/bottle and it is SO yummy! It helps for those times you want something to drink, but also something flavorful.

  2. I've heard about My Fitness Pal from other people and have considered using it. I like exercising though I'm not the most consistent and I've certainly never been good at tracking it. I just try to get in exercise when I can! Cutting out soda is great! I can't say I don't ever have a Dr. Pepper because I LOVE it but I try to only let myself have one once a week. The thing that I've found about most healthy habits, is that you don't get down on yourself for not being perfect. If I give up something cold turkey, I'll fail, but if I allow myself that thing once a week or month, I can succeed at that. :) Good luck! You'll do great!

  3. Love your tips! I used to be 100% grossed out by water. One day I decided to give it a fair shake and now I drink it non-stop. I haven't had a sip of soda since NYE 2008. When I miss the carbonation I drink seltzer. If you don't like seltzer drink a full case of it! Trust me after that you don't taste anything but the water!

    Its sounds like you are of to a great start!!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey, Kassie! I am currently doing weight watchers. I've found that workout is KEY. I didn't work out at all this week, and my weight loss was WAY less with only Weight Watchers then when I add exercise back in. So, I am taking inspiration from you, and going to work real hard at getting back into my workout routine this week! :)

  5. I put lemons in my water, or other fruit if I get tired of the plainness of it! I am doing Weight Watchers now and hoping to be successful! :)


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