Thursday, April 3, 2014

If tomorrow were my last day

If tomorrow were my last day I'd want to spend every moment with my husband and kids.

If tomorrow were my last day I'd wake before the sun.
I'd lie next to my husband and put my arm around him, remembering his warmth.
When he woke up I'd tell him that I was so thankful God brought him to me.
That I loved him more than anyone in the entire world,
that I was so thankful to him for giving me my children
and making it possible for me to stay home with them.
I'd tell him that was the best gift he could have ever given me.
We'd lay in bed until we heard the kids rise.

If tomorrow were my last day we would go to breakfast as a family,
at Starbucks, of course! Because it's our favorite! ;)
The kids would have juices boxes and banana bread and so would we,
but with iced white mochas, of course.
Then, we would take a walk along a grassy trail.
I would hold my husband's hand, have Sutton in the carrier,
and we would watch Braden and Maeva run free, laugh and play.
My husband and I would talk about the life we've lived together.
We'd recall how we used to go on walks before we started dating,
just to get to know one another.
I would mention how I wish we did that more, together and as a family.
We would talk about getting pregnant with Braden before being married,
but how it ended up being perfect, as did life with every baby afterwards.
We would talk about marriage and how it wasn't always easy.
There were ups and downs, but those seasons made us stronger and made our love grow.
We would tell each other we loved each other with every word we spoke.

If tomorrow were my last day the day would be full of our favorite things.
We would play outside in the backyard running around and laughing.
I would help Maeva down the slide
and when Braden got into the wagon and said, "Pull me mommy!",
I would without hesitation!
I would hold Maeva as much and she wanted and Sutton too.
And I would paint with cars right along side Braden,
talking about all the colors and how fun it is.
I would read book after book to Maeva until she decided she had enough.
And I would get down on the floor playing trains with Braden,
as he told me who they were.
We would all sit on the couch, all snuggled up to one another as closely as we could.
We would watch Finding Nemo, Barney, Care Bears,
or even the Christmas movie, if that is what the kids chose.

If tomorrow were my last day I would hold Sutton as she slept.
I'd stroke her face and kiss her cheek.
I would hold her little hand
and tell her that mommy loved her more than words could say.
I would pull Maeva into my lap and tickle her feet as she sat still,
the only way she does when I'm doing that.
I would give Braden as many kisses and hugs as he asked for.
I'd even steal a few when he didn't.
I would kiss my husband even more and sit close to him.
I would tell them all that I loved them as much as I could eve though I know it could never be enough.

If tomorrow were my last day,
I would look at my family and try to remember every inch of them.
I would remind myself to remember that...
Braden's eyes are different than any I've ever seen.
I would remind myself to remember...
the way Maeva's hair curls and how to strokes it when she's tired.
I would remind myself to remember...
Sutton's smile and how beautiful it is.

If tomorrow were my last day I wouldn't waste it,
with yelling it at my children or snapping at my husband.
If tomorrow were my last day I wouldn't worry about house work
or being caught up on the internet.
If tomorrow were my last day I would focus all of it on my family.

And if tomorrow were my last day I'd take pictures all along the way,
just so my husband and children could remember how perfect my last day was.

What would your day look like if tomorrow were your last day?

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  1. I love this! I found you via the link up and love your blog :) You have a beautiful family!


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