Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A bunny in the garden {an easter treat for kids}

Today I'm excited to share with you a super easy + cute Easter treat for your kids. 
I saw these adorable carrot gummies online on World Market's site 
and just knew I needed them! 
I mean they are just the cutest thing and I love gummy things, so that's a plus! 
I came up with this idea because it's a lot like dirt and worms,
but way cuter as far as I'm concerned! 
Plus, there's a chocolate bunny! 

Bunny in the garden

1 box of Chocolate pudding
2 oreos
1 package of carrot gummies (which you can find here)
1 chocolate bunny ( I picked up this one from World Market as well)


1. Put a few scoops, I'd say 2-3 of the pre-made pudding in a bowl of your choosing. 

2. Crumble up two oreos (I used a chopper) and pour them over the pudding. 

3. Push the chocolate bunny into the mix. 

4. Place a few carrots (or more) on top of the pudding, in front of the bunny!

5. Now you've got a bunny in the garden, surely munching on the carrots!
Serve and watch your kids enjoy this fun treat! 

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this! It sure is yummy and so cute! 


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