Monday, March 31, 2014

Two months

I probably shouldn't say how quickly time has gone every single time I post. 
But you know what? It does go so fast and always surprises me!
So how is this growing girl doing? Read ahead to see. 

Stats: Unsure currently. I'll know after she has her 2 month appointment. 

Likes: Pretty much still the same as last month. 
Being held by mama and eating lots. 
Also, her swing! She's been enjoying it lately... loves to watch the mobile and sleep there! 

Dislikes: Her carseat still. :( 
Being overtired and not being in someone's arms. 

How's she eating? She eats so much! I would say about every 3-4 hours. 
Sometimes more, sometimes less. 
She definitely likes to eat for comfort or to eat to sleep. 
Really, I don't mind! 
At night its a bit better because of how she sleeps! 
After going to sleep she eats once or twice a night. 

How's she sleeping? Mostly really well! 
There's been a few nights where she has slept through the night! 
I've been surprised by that and extremely happy about the extra sleep for everyone. 
Most nights she usually only wakes up once or twice. I'm happy about this as well. 
She's also gotten better at falling asleep in the evening. 
Most of the time she will fall asleep in my arms or in her swing without much fuss. 
Sometimes not though =)
Usually if she falls asleep in the swing, I'll just leave her there. 
When she wakes I'll pull her into bed with me. Sometimes she stays or goes back in her swing. 
Really just depends on her mood!
I can't complain much.... I mean, I'm tired, but that's not shocking with 3 little ones. 

Other things: She is a pretty happy and calm baby. 
More happier and calm than the others were. 
When she's upset though, you can tell! She definitely has some lungs! 
She has started making some talking noises and loves to smile!
Her smiling is about the cutest thing ever! 

I just love this little girl so much! 

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