Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One month

Okay, well technically she was over a month old when I took this. 
We'll just pretend I took it on time and I'll try to keep up with the growing girl.
It really shouldn't surprise me how quickly a month has gone by, but it always does! 

Sutton seems to be so different than Braden and Maeva were.
She doesn't cry or fuss a ton. Really only when she wants food, to be held, or to sleep. 
The other two, I feel like they cried constantly.
However, maybe we just didn't know what were doing with the other two!
Now, we finally know it all! Just kidding! That'd be nice though, wouldn't it? 

Stats: 11lbs/1.5oz (SO BIG! 91%!!!) and 21inches. 

Likes: Eating. Being held, especially by mommy, but loves daddy too! 
Observing life around her.

Dislikes: Being put down. Her carseat. 

How's she eating? She eats so well. I mean, look at her weight!
She eats about every 3 or so hours, except at night where it isn't that often
(at least not that I remember - ha, exhausted mom here). 

How's she sleeping? She sleeps amazingly well. 
We co-sleep (no judgement please) and I believe that really helps. 
She likes being close to me and whenever she does need to eat, I can just pull her to me. 
That helps her to not be so awake and just goes right back to sleep. 
She usually wakes once or twice to eat after going to bed for the night. 
She was waking up (when we were ready to go to bed) for 2-4 hours, but I believe we're over that! Finally figured out she was being over-stimulated. 
She really did want to just go back to sleep,
but had a hard time doing so with lights and the computer being on. 
She also naps quiet a bit during the day. 
Wakes to eat and stays up for maybe an hour or so. 

Other things: She smiles at us and has been for a while. 
Apparently that's something that normally happens at 2 months old. 
She also is really good at lifting her head up. 
I was surprised at how quickly she was doing that.
She's really such a good baby and easier than the other two were.
Mommy and daddy are so happy about this! 
I think the toddlers appreciate this as well.
Braden can't handle her crying/screaming when she's awake in her carseat, 
so I thank the Lord she's not always like that. 
Such a sweet girl she is!
As much as I hate that they grow so quickly, I'm looking forward to watching her grow!

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