Wednesday, February 26, 2014

18 months

Normally I write a letter from Maeva when I post about her month to month,
but today I simply can't because look at that face, look at those eyes. 
Her sweet face, her blue eyes, her hair pulled back into a ponytail...
She just looks SO BIG! I can't believe she's 1 and 1/2. 
It makes my breath catch in my throat to know that in six short months she will be two. 
Time goes by so quickly and children grow and change in the blink of an eye. 

Since becoming a big sister she's changed a lot! 
I've heard her talk in sentences. 
She's doubled in size and attitude for sure (Lord, help us!). 
She's our wild one... she really tests us and makes us feel crazy often! 
She doesn't like to obey, but do her own thing no matter what! 
She's hard to discipline or get through too because she wants what she wants. 
I know these things will be good things (hopefully) when she's older. 
I try to remind myself of that now. It gets hard sometimes. 

I know though, that weeks, months, years from now...
I won't remember so much those hard times. 
I'll remember her sweet face and blue eyes. 
I'll remember how she wanted me to pick her up
or how she rests her head on her daddy's shoulder...
like its the best place in the world when he holds her.
I'll remember how first thing in the morning,
when I get her from her crib, she asks for her brother. 
I'll remember how she tries to sweetly kiss her little sister. 
I'll remember the moments I wish I could stop in time. 

Thankful for this girl. The smiles and giggles. The joy she brings. 
The way she makes my heart feel. The way she makes me grow. 


  1. Her hair color is SO beautiful! And I'm loving the cute bangs! Sweet girl.

  2. discipline is the worst at this age lol...I just resort to distraction...that works better lol.

    She is a DOLL! love these little memories you listed.


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