Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I'm giving up for Lent

I grew up Catholic, but never really participated in Lent. 
I left the Catholic Church when I was in high school,
but have (sorta, kinda) come back to the Catholic Church recently. 
I thought it'd be a good time to participate in Lent. 
Not just because I've "come back to the Catholic church, " 
because you definitely don't have to be Catholic to do Lent! 
For me, it's a good thing to give something up that I tend to depend on. 
There are so many things in life I depend on to get me through the day,
So many things that make me feel better, so many things that pick me up. 
I don't always go to Jesus during the moments that are hard. 
That's what Lent is about for me.
Giving up something I find comfort, joy in... and going to Him! 

So, what am I giving up? 
By the picture above you probably assume clothes. 
Yes, but no... I'm giving up shopping for material things 
(this DOES NOT mean Starbucks people! ;).
Lately (or for a while now...) I've felt a bit out of control when it comes to shopping. 
Now, I don't go shopping every day, but its been happening a lot lately. 
We started decorating our home not that long ago and let me tell you, 
it has been hard to stop once we started! 
I like to make our house pretty and cozy, but it does not need to happen all at once. 
Need to take a chill pill on that one! 
I also like clothes, bags, jewelry, coffee cups... on and on the list goes. 

I've been struggling with self control in this area, 
even though I want self control in this area so badly! 
I want to be content and happy without buying things. 
It's a struggle for me. 
Sometimes its a struggle when I'm feeling negative emotions 
because those feelings make me want to shop. 
Then, I feel guilty about spending money and that makes me want to shop more. 
What a horrible, horrible cycle! 
It needs to end. 
I don't need things to fill my heart because guess what, those things are fleeting! 
Those things, they don't make me happy in the long run. 
They don't leave me feeling content or happy for long at all. 
Sometimes, I fully believe by things just makes me feel empty. 
I want that to change!

I want to go to where true contentment, happiness, joy, and peace are! 
He's the only one who can fill my heart and life with those things. 
He will make them last, but I have to go to Him. 
So, that's what I'll be doing for Lent...
When I want clothes or things for the home, I'll go to Him and pray. 
I cannot do this on my own.
I've never been good at giving things up, 
but He will help me through this season. 

What are you giving up for Lent? People share! I'm interested to hear! 


  1. I practice retail therapy, too. Definitely a hard coping mechanism to abandon. Praying your Lenten journey is just what you need!

  2. Good choice Kassie. If I had money to spend, this would be a huge struggle for me as well!!! Praying for you, that during your impulse-need-to-buy-something you will turn to Him for contentment, as you said. I'm sure you can do it. And His contentment will fill you SO much better than a pretty wall hanging :)
    I have decided, tentatively, to add something to our days for Lent. I would like to increase our focus on this season and on Jesus. I would like to have a scheduled time of 'Jesus time' for my kiddos. I have not prepared well for this, but working on it. I would like to do some sort of story and coloring and whatever other activity - focused around His Truth, and specifically the sacrifice and Love that comes from the Easter story. I'm also going to try to cut back on facebook and only use it for purposed activities, if that makes sense.
    Are you going to do something special with the money you save?


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