Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I turned 17 months old a couple days ago! 
This feels pretty big to mom because I all of a sudden don't seem to be a baby anymore. 
I'm really a toddler now and all girl! 
I run away from mom when she's trying to change my diaper or wants to dress me. 
I am not the best listener - never sitting on my bottom at the table and trying to climb on top of it! 
Both mommy and daddy get me on about that.
Actually, so does brother! He always tells me to "sit on my bum!" 
Do I listen? No, not really! 
Brother's pretty bossy, you know it?
Telling me not to touch his trains, to go upstairs, to not do something. 
Then he asks me, "Do you understand Maeva?" 
Who does he think he is? I mean he's only three! 
When I'm not listening very to mom and daddy is around, he usually handles me. 
I just listen to him better. 
I know that's pretty frustrating to mom, but I'm not sure what to tell her about that!
I do love my mommy... 
I love when she comes and holds me at night when I wake up screaming and crying. 
I love to NOT share her. Why does anyone else need her anyways?
I get really mad at brother when he sits on her lap or hugs her. 
She's my mommy, doesn't he know that? ;) 
Mommy tells me I have to share her and that I cannot hit because I don't get her to myself. 
I say, you gotta do what you gotta do, to get your mama! 
I don't like it when she leaves me with grandma for a whole day. 
She said she had a nice day to herself, but I really missed her!
I made her hold me for a long time that night... but I think she liked it! I know I did!
Sometimes though... I just need my daddy. He's good at holding me too. 
He's also really good at playing peek-a-boo. That's such a funny game.
My grandma's pretty good at it too. 
I'm talking a lot these days. 
I say
"All done"
"Bye Bye"
"No and yes" 
and other things I'm sure mommy is forgetting because PREGGO brain! 
Apparently my baby sister is coming soon. I'm not really sure about that still. 
Does it mean I'll have to share mommy? Because remember, I don't like that! ;)


I really really just wanted to gush about how big she is. 
I figured though I should probably stick to the letter format of things.
She is seeming so big and I know will feel even bigger when Sutton arrives! 

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