Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World Market & Sharing the Joy

Life can be hard, with so many ups and downs. 
For many, the Holidays can be especially hard. 
Maybe you can bills piling up 
and you have no idea how you're actually going to have a Holiday.
Maybe your struggling to put food on the table, clothes on your back,
or buy gifts for your children.
Maybe your family is far away or simply not there at all. 
Really, the list of what can make the Holidays hard, are endless. 

I knew this to be true for a women in my community. 
I knew the Holidays were going to be a struggle, painful, different. 
I wanted to do something for her, but really was unsure of what to do. 
Then, I heard about World Market's Share the Joy campaign and I knew it was perfect. 
The campaign is about giving back to your community. 
Maybe to a family or organization in need of food or other items. 
Maybe toys for children who otherwise probably wouldn't get any. 
Maybe to teachers, coaches, pastors, youth leaders, ect.
Maybe to someone you know just needs some joy this season! 

We all need a little joy in our lives and some times, 
even the simplest things, like a basket of goodies can lift our spirits! 
I know it would lift mine! 
So, that's what I did, I went shopping at World Market for a basket full of goodies

World Market has such a great selection of food and drink items
You can't go wrong with their teas and many other drink options
I'm a big fan of sparkling grape juice and their selection is different than other stores. 
They also have many adorable mugs and items for the kitchen.
Their Holiday items of decor and food,
including that chocolate above, blew me away!
Seriously, I could have spent way more time in their store putting together my basket! 

So, what are you waiting for? Share the joy with someone you know needs it! 
Also, be sure the enter their Share The Joy Sweepstakes!
You can win a 5,000 American Express gift card + 5,000 for a charity of your choice.
That would surely bring lots of joy! 
Click here to enter and good luck! 

I was compensated for this post, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas were my own.

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  1. This is super awesome, Kassie! I am glad you got and took the opportunity to do this! :)


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