Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I see it in your love

We all have those days... 
Those days where we just want to pull the blanket over our head and avoid the day,
Those days where we want to cry big tears, 
Those days where we feel like we are failing. 
Some times those days are spaced out and some times those days feel like they hit us every day.

We're tired in every sense of the word, in ways we never thought we could be. –––
We want to sleep for days, we long for quiet moments to ourselves or with Jesus. 
We're emotional because we have little ones or big ones who need so much. 

There's so much to do... motherhood involves so much. 
There's babies to feed, change, rock, play with. 
There's mountains and mountains of laundry.
Toys have to be picked up time and time again. 
Bumps and bruises need to be acknowledged and little ones told they are okay. 
Hugs, kisses, and cuddles are to be given often. 
There are tantrums and fits. Times to discipline. 
Yet, you never feel like you're doing enough. 

The house, is often always a mess.
Laundry never seems to end, but double in size. 
You try to entertain and play as much as you can.
You give as many kisses, hugs, and cuddles as needed.
You discipline and discipline. 
It feels hopeless and you wonder will your kids ever obey?
Yet, in your heart you still don't feel like its enough, 
you feel like you're constantly messing up this job called motherhood. 
But it's enough. You know how I know? 

I know because in all of it, I see the love you have for them.
I see it in the grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
I see it in the laundry folded in their drawers (or in baskets still needing to be put away).
I see it when your on the floor playing cars or blocks. 
I see it when you pull your baby into your lap and read them a book. 
I see it when they aren't obeying 
and you take their hands and try to explain patiently why they must.
I see it in the moments when they ask for a hug, a kiss, or moments in your arms...
and you stop and give them what they want. 
I also see it in the tears you cry and the prayers you speak,
because a mama who feels like she's failing, who wants to do better... 
that's a mama who isn't failing because she loves her children more than anything. 

You can never fail mama, if you love. 
It's the most important isn't it? To just love... 
So don't worry so much about being enough because you are, especially with Jesus. 
With Him we are always enough. With Grace we are always enough. 
That's all that mattes mama. 

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