Friday, September 20, 2013

A Yearning for my daughters

There are things I want for all my children.
With my daughters though, the things I want seem a bit different.
And I want certain things desperately.
Maybe its because I'm a girl and because I know how sensitive the heart can be.

That makes me feel like my daughters will have a lot more at stake in their lives.
I've cried many tears in fear for my daughters.
I've prayed many prayers asking God to protect them.
I've reflected on my life and my past, hoping that some things they just wouldn't have to deal with.

Here are a few things, I hope for my girls:

That they would have a relationship with God. I know that having God in my life hasn't made it perfect. It doesn't mean I haven't had hard times, but I'm a big believer that having Him as a big part of my life has made my life better. I hope they come to know Him and love Him. I hope that they turn to Him when they feel as if they have no one else. I hope they know that they can always depend on Him and even though life will be really hard some times, He will carry them through.

That they will always be able to talk to me (and their dad). I don't want to be that parent that gets mad at my kids for choices they make. I know that I will be upset by choices they make, but I want them to be able to talk to me openly without fear. I don't ever want them to think I look down on them or don't love them because of choices they've made. I want them to be able to come to me with their broken hearts, choices, concerns... with anything and everything. I want them to know I love them no matter what. 

That there hearts won't get to badly broken. Even as I type that its hard not to get emotional. Honestly, this is my biggest fear. I hope they never have to go through heart ache like I did. I hope they make better choices on whom to let into their lives and their hearts. I hope they are careful with boys and their purity. So much I hope for in this area. So much I pray for. 

That they know they have worth. I think knowing this... that their hearts, minds, bodies, spirits so important. I think knowing they are dearly loved by their families and so important. The most important because I believe it will help to shape their choices and their lives. If they know nothing else... I want them to know they are deeply loved, cared for, and cherished. 

I know I can't protect my girls from everything. I know I can't completely shelter them. 
I can talk to them, love them, take care of them, and pray for them. 
The rest really, I give to God because He already knows the life they will have...
And He's already gone before them in all they will do. 
That takes away a bit of my fear and gives me a bit more peace. 

Do you have daughters? What do you want for them? 

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