Monday, August 12, 2013

Second Trimester

I officially entered the 2nd trimester 2 weeks ago. I will be 15 weeks on Thursday. 
Let me just tell you this third pregnancy is flying by 
and going much quicker than my first two. 
I feel like I've neglected documenting this pregnancy 
and I feel bad for this baby because of that. 
I'm going to try harder and I promise, dear baby, that it doesn't mean I love you any less 
Or am any less excited about you coming into this world and joining our family! 
We're just as excited and we love you just as much! 

I'm feeling pretty good. 
Sometimes I still feel sick, but I'm mostly over morning sickness. 
Praise the Lord! I was afraid it was never going to end!
I also have my energy back, which I was afraid was going to stay away forever as well. 

I have energy back, but I am still tired. 
I always want to nap, but what mother doesn't? ;)
I'm not craving much or eating a ton. 
I actually haven't gained any weight this pregnancy.
I know this won't last the whole pregnancy (and I wouldn't want it to),
but it's nice to be the smallest I have been since before getting pregnant with Maeva!
I am also constantly thirsty! 

I got to hear the babies heartbeat at the end of last month, which is also nice.
Love that sweet little sound! 
I also think I felt the baby fluttering around in my belly yesterday. 
I'm always so excited to feel my babies moving around! 
Such an exciting thing, having a baby! 


  1. So cute! You look great! Where did you get that shirt/dress from??

  2. awe, beautiful momma! Seriously, where is this dress/shirt from? That is fun!


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