Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I gave up cloth diapering

Some times as mom I think I make things harder on myself.
One of those instances for me was cloth diapering. 
I decided to cloth diaper before Braden was born. 
I wanted to love it...
 because it would save money,
 the diapers were cute, 
and because it seemed to be like the cool thing to do
(which is really a ridiculous reason to do anything, just incase you were wondering ;) 

A few months ago I just got super fed up with cloth diapering. 
I was tired of having to deal with the poop, honestly. 
I just want to be able to take the diaper off and be done. 
I don't want to have to try to get the poop off (I know... this is gross)
And struggling to get them clean was a pain. 
I decided enough was enough...I'm done with cloth diapering. 
It's not worth the stress and frustration for me. 
Plus, did I mention the smell of cloth diapers makes me so sick when pregnant?
Seriously, gross. 

This is been something I feel guilty about. 
Mostly because it would save a ton of money and that would be helpful.
Thankful my husband isn't that into cloth diapering and just told me to quit! ;)
I'm trying to talk myself into not feeling guilty because really its just silly
And it's okay to not cloth diaper.
Cloth diapering doesn't equal being a good mama. 
Loving and taking care of my babies does. 

By the way... I have a ton of cloth diapers for sale if anyone is interested! ;)
Mostly bum genesis and a few others! 


  1. Love this! I felt so bad for not cloth diapering my youngest but I just did not want to deal with the poop like that, it's already bad enough having to deal with the actual part of changing all those poopy diapers.

  2. I wanted so badly to do cloth diapering but I honestly just couldn't get excited about it. There is NO shame in that whatsoever!

  3. I was JUST writing a draft for this SAME kind of post!!!! I cloth diapered my boys until they were about 15months and then they would just pee through every.single.night. I started my girls on them around 3months old & did it until they were about 7 months and I just couldn't take the leaking anymore. I'm pretty sure it was just from wear & tear since the diapers had been through like 4 kids before them (we got some from a friend) but I was tired of stripping - washing - hanging - folding.
    So, now we just spend way too much on disposables but I figure it just evens out from when I did cloth diaper them ;)

  4. I am interested in your diapers. What are your prices??


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