Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lately there's something that's been bothering my heart, 
something that's been stealing my joy and making me less confident. 
It's comparison to others around me. It's really been pulling me down. 
I think we all do this, especially as women. It's such an easy thing to do. 

I've been comparing lots lately. 
That women looks better pregnant than me. She's still so tiny and dressed cute. 
That woman lost the baby weight so quickly. That will NEVER happen to me. 
That woman has such cute clothes. I wish I could buy that (like I actually need more).
That woman is such a good mom. Her kids are perfect and don't act insane. 
That woman's house is decorated so great. I wish I was good at that! 
That woman goes on so many adventures and gets to see so many neat things. 
On and on and on... 

I seriously hate that list. 
I hate that those things seem so important to me. 
Because really, in the bigger picture, those things aren't that important. 
Those things, they don't define life and they shouldn't.
I don't want to struggle with comparison. 
All I want is to be thankful. 
I'm thankful I'm pregnant regardless of how much weight I may gain. 
I am thankful for the clothes I do have because come on, I have more than enough! 
I am thankful for my children. They really are great kids and no one is perfect. 
I am thankful for our new home. It may not be fully unpacked or decorated, but it will be.
I am thankful for the places I have been because really, I've seen some great things! 

I know this is a heart issue for me. 
I just feel bad about myself at times. 
I really need to give it to God and be thankful.

Do you struggle with this? How have you dealt with it? 
Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. You are NOT alone, Kassie. I struggle with this a lot. I actually posted today about being happy and the book, The Happiness Project and how I've got some work to do. And really, this whole post (minus the pregnant stuff) resonates so well with me. You are such an amazing mama, friend, wife and woman! I'll surely be here to encourage you to stop comparing, if you'll help me do the same. Or, even if you won't help me. haha! ;)


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