Monday, July 15, 2013

And that makes 5!

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If you follow me on instagram or our friends with me on facebook,
then this post comes as nothing new to you. 
But if not, SURPRISE! We're expecting baby #3!
We found out two days before moving day and were completely surprised! 
We actually burst out laughing because we were in such shock. 
We knew it'd happen, but thought it'd be after Maeva turned one.

This is why I haven't been blogging pretty much at all lately. 
I've wanted to, but just haven't felt up to it. 
I've had horrible morning sickness and have been super exhausted, pretty much all day long. 
I hope that's coming to an end because I'd really like to function like a normal person. 
It's so different being pregnant this time and having two little ones to take care of! 
I'm going to have three little ones 3 and 1/2 and under.
I know it will be crazy, but I know God will give me strength!
I'm kind of feeling like a failure as a mom at the moment just because of how this has been going. 
There's a lot of tv watching and not much else happening. 
I make sure Braden and Maeva are fed, changed, and taken care of. 
It's not how I want it to be, but currently how it is. 
Grace. Grace. Grace. 
This won't last forever! I look forward to having more energy to do more with them and unpack... 
Did I mention we've been in our house over a month and it's still a disaster? 
There's still so much unpacking to do and I wish I had the energy! 
Eventually, that too, will get done! 

For now, I'm taking it real easy and counting down the days until I'm done with the first trimester.
I'll be in my second trimester on August 1st and this baby is due February 5th -- the day before my birthday! =) 

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. We so appreciate them! 


  1. ummmm, do i live under a rock?! i follow you everywhere and had NO idea! congrats!! that's sooo exciting!!!

  2. Yay! I am excited to see you prego in August! Sad that I won't get to see baby #3 for a while (Actually - that makes me want to cry right now :(... but enough of the sad, back to the happy!). I'm praying for energy for you! Love ya!


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