Monday, May 20, 2013

Nine Months

Hi Friends! 
I'm nine months old today and growing so quickly. 
No one can believe that in a few short months I will be one. 
That seems to make everyone so sad. I'm not sure I understand why. 
Lots of things have been happening in my life. 
Do you know I crawl now? Yep, I'm constantly on the move.
My parents thought it was never going to happen,
But really they just had to wait for me to decide it was time. 
I love crawling... so much easier to get what I want and it's just fun! 
Oh, I try to stand myself up too. So neat! 
You know what also is fun? 
Not napping. So fun to fight nap time. 
I usually only take one nap a day, but hey, I sleep through the night. 
You have to pick and chose your battles mom. 
Do you want more sleep at night or chill time during the day?
I mean, think about it mom. 
Oh, I also sleep with just my legs swaddled. 
I like to be free and to sleep on my belly.
Sometimes in my sleep I hear mama and dada talking about how cute I am.
Speaking of my parents I like to say their names. 
I say "dada" a lot and like to be with him more lately. 
Mom thinks I'm totally going to be a daddy's girl. 
I think she's okay with that. 
Hmmmm, what else is there to tell you? 
Oh, I eat some baby food, but I also get other good stuff too.
I really like puffs and yogurt bites.
Sometimes I steal mom's food though, like her bagel. 
I also had a hot dog the other day.
That's good stuff people! 
I also enjoy being outside. We hang out there a lot lately. 
It's been hot a lot, but I'm fine by that.
Just sit me on the grass and I'm happy as can be!
I like to eat it though but for some reason that isn't allowed.
I think that's it for now.  See you later!

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