Friday, May 10, 2013

An Unplanned Break + Life Lately

I've always been impressed with the bloggers who post every single day.
That, however, isn't me.
I need breaks. I need to breathe.
That's what I've been doing lately.
It wasn't something I planned, but definitely something I've needed.
Truth to be told I still don't feel like coming back 100%,
but wanted to say hey, I'm still alive!

I've been enjoying life lately...
Hanging out with my kiddos
Watching Maeva learn to crawl
Spending more time with my husband
Dreaming about our home 
Avoiding cleaning and packing
And not being on social media much at all. 
It's been good to be a bit more present in life 
and not so consumed in everything online.

Do you take breaks from social media? 
I think I shall do this more! It feels so good!


  1. Such a sweet photo! I take breaks all the time. We all need them, to refresh and centre ourselves again. When things get busy, the online world is the first thing that gets cut out of my schedule!

  2. Good for you! I've actually been thinking a LOT about taking a break very soon here. We'll see. And, I'll share something that I learned last week with you.. we don't have to post every day. Or, even 5 times a week. If we're consistently posting quality content, that is more important than posting 7 days a week. I don't think I could ever post 7 days a week. That's too much for me! haha. Enjoy this time with your babies! They're still so small. That picture of the two of them is precious!


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