Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore (Stitch Fix Addition)

I've been wanting to do a stitch fix for a while,
but I was super hesitant for someone else to do the shopping for me,
even if they had a hint at what my style was. 
Well, I finally gave in because either way it would be fun!

For those of you who don't know what Stitch Fix is let me explain.
Stitch Fix is like getting a personal stylist sent to your home.
You fill out a style profile and then they send you items based on that.
You get a total of five items and can keep as many as you would like.
I love it because everything is complete surprise
and you get things maybe you wouldn't otherwise try out.
Also, the $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase.
If you still don't understand let me know. I don't always explain things well! ;)

Now, onto my fix!

 This tee was the first thing I pulled out of the box and I loved it right away! 
I'm a sucker for stripes plus this would be the perfect shirt for the 4th of July!
It fit okay, but was a little tight across my stomach so I sent it back.

I loved this top so much. 
It was comfortable and cute, plus not something I normally would pick out. 
However, the price was a bit much for me right now. 

 I loved the feel of this top. So silky, but the way it fit wasn't great.
It hugged all the wrong places and felt a bit too professional for me.
Something I just wouldn't wear.

I love the idea of a blazer, plus it has stripes.
However, I'm just not a blazer girl. 

This slouch long sleeve tee was my absolute favorite.
It is so soft and stretchy.
I slipped it on and instantly felt great. 
It is so flattery in every area and made me feel skinny!
I love that!
My husband even told me I should keep this one, so I did!

Like what you see? Want to get your own stitch fix? Then, click here.
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  1. Ah so that's how it works! I've heard of it, but never really understood how it worked out. Love the top you chose!!!

  2. LOVE that blazer! :) AND the top you chose to keep-- perfect!


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