Thursday, April 4, 2013

I hope...

^^^Smiling at her brother^^^

I love having two children. 
Two, so close in age.
A brother and a sister.
They are the perfect pair. Bonded forever. 
They love each other so much. I see it every day. 

Braden and Maeva,
I hope you always love each other so much, so well.
I hope you always light up with the biggest smile when you see the other.
I hope you're always able to play and giggle.

^^^ Giving her a kiss^^^

I hope you're always the ones who makes the other laugh the most. 
I hope you're always wanting to be by each other's side. 
I hope you're always there -- friends, always with a shoulder when needed. 
I hope you always hug. 
I hope you can have fun and grow together.

I hope you always stand up and defend one another.
I hope you trust and care, always. 
I really do hope you'll be best friends. 


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