Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trendy little link up + I can do better as a mom

^^^ Aren't they so cute in their Easter outfits?^^^

I don't know about you, but as a mom, I am very critical of myself.
I have a list in my mind of things, I do wrong, pretty much on a daily basis.
It never seems to get shorter, but only grow. 

get irritated with my children more than I don't,
yell to much and get angry too quickly,
don't play with them enough or take them outside, or do things enough,
allow Braden to have way too much junk food because he fusses for it and its easier to give in,
am not consistent enough with discipline,
allow Braden to watch tv a lot more than I should, 
and on and on and on the list grows.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of feeling bad about myself as a mom.
I'm tired of getting bed at night and thinking, "wow, today was a total failure."
I'm tired of thinking that tomorrow things will change, tomorrow I will be better.

I can be better right now, in this moment. 
I can be better as a mother, which will be beneficial for everyone in this home.
I can be kinder. I can take my babies outside more (Hello Spring!). 
I can give Braden only healthy choices when it comes to food and turn off the tv. 
I can be better with my discipline. 

Being a better mom starts right now, right here.
Not tomorrow. 

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  1. don't be too hard on yourself momma! the good thing is when us mom's recognize an area we need to work on, it's called having a soft heart and that's the best! - those sure are cute pictures!

  2. Amen! I hear ya. I am so excited about Spring! Cute pictures. :)

  3. Your post made me feel like I was reading my own thoughts. I feel that way daily.

    Adorable outfits!

  4. What is that Scripture verse that says the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? I think that's why God always gives us a tomorrow! No one in this world is perfect and we will never be in this life. His grace is there for us to begin again with each fresh new day.

  5. Cute kiddos! ...and don't be too hard on yourself. There's always something we can improve on, and we need to be able to give ourselves grace...and I'm sure your family thinks you are the best mama!! Thanks for visiting from Trendy Little!


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