Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Working Out & Weight-loss Goals

If you follow me on instagram then you know about my workout goal. 
I thought I'd put it here on the blog as well + do more of an update. 
I'm tired of my body guys and it's even harder because of how thin I used to be. 
Before I had babies I weight 110 and now... well, I'll just put it all out there, I'm pretty much 160. 
It is hard, it sucks, its depressing. It is also not healthy. 
Instead of just sulking and just allowing myself to remain at this weight,
I've decided to do something about it! 
Because that's the only way things will change. 

My goal was to work out 30 days straight. 
I say was because I already failed. 
Actually, more like took a breather because I was feeling dizzy for a few days!
Now, I'm getting back at it and hopefully can go on strong from here on out! 

I started off by doing the walk at home video, but decided I needed to step it up a notch. 
I'm currently doing the 30 day shred and oh man, it is a butt kicker! 
I'm so out of shape.
I can barely do a push-up (I'm getting better) and I have to take breaks for water (shhh don't tell Jillian). 
As for my weight goal, I don't want to be back down to 110. That is too thin.
I'm aiming to get to 130 and really just tone certain areas. 
I know I also need to eat better, which is a super big struggle for him! 
Sometimes I do okay and other days I eat too much um, chocolate or ice cream! ;) 

I'm also currently doing body wraps, which I may or may not post about at a different time.
It all depends if I can gather up the courage to show the world pictures of my stomach! HA! 

Do you have workout/weight loss goals? How do you keep yourself accountable?
I'm using instagram everyday! 
What's your favorite workout? I definitely don't have a favorite.
Because well, working out isn't my favorite, but I've yet to regret working out! =) 


  1. yay for you! i posted about post baby weight loss today too. i gained 55 lbs and my little guy only weighed 6.18 lbs at birth. i still have like 10 more to loose but im running so if the scale doesnt tell me a different story, the way my cloths fit should. i have also been getting meal plans from the fresh 20 website. it helps me to cook really healthy meals with no preservatives or GMOs and serve them to my family. it doesnt feel like im on a diet ... im just eating a balanced meal that my body is able to digest easier.


  2. i want lose weight but i just haven't gotten up the motivation to follow through.

  3. I love Pilates!!! And walking, I'm in a moms walking group & it's so fun I don't really count it as a workout even though we do 3+ miles every time. Mostly for me it's about eating better though. That's where the most change happens & I feel so much better when I'm eating well. Good luck!! Oh & breastfeeding is of course an awesome workout! ;)

  4. I am having my husband put our DVD player back in our room (after moving some furniture, we forgot to hook it back up) so that I can start 30 day shred again. I also like Jillian's yoga meltdown. Good luck! :)


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