Thursday, March 7, 2013

Braden's Sticker Chart

I adore my son to pieces.
He's lovable and so funny!
He's full of joy and so many wonderful things.
But he's also stubborn and doesn't listen well to me, at all.
He's two, so this is normal, but frustrating at the same time.
This age, so far, has been the toughest for me.
Please, don't tell me, "just wait until he's 3" or whatever age because ALL stages can be hard.
In order to get him to listen to me I tried many different things and nothing worked.
Then, I decided to try a sticker chart.

The one on the left is for diaper changing, which I've pretty much given up on.
He's just going to fuss and try to run away from me when I want to change him!
I'll keep on working on it, but stickers for that seem pointless.
The sticker chart that he loves is the one with the cars, of course!
As of right now, this chart is for being nice to his sister!
We we're having some issues in that area...
And after talking to my Bible study ladies, decided that a sticker chart would be a great idea!
When he's nice to his sister, he gets a sticker.
When he gets 5, he gets to watch tv.
This is good for both of us.
Motivation for me be more consistent with him and not have the tv on all the time!
Motivation for him to be have gentle hands with his sister and earn tv time!

He's been super great with his sister this week!
I think it's time to work on something else, possibly on a bigger scale!
Something like, every time he listens to mom, he gets a sticker!
That might take a while, but it would make me so happy! =)

And just a few pictures of the kiddos together this week because they really do love one another!


  1. That's a really good idea! Reward in a form that he can see and earn!

  2. This is a great idea! Having a chart really gets kids excited about doing tasks! They are so cute together!


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