Monday, March 4, 2013

A Promise to Myself

"I'm an awful mother."
"I feel like a bad mom." 
These are things I've caught myself saying and feeling a lot lately. 

I'm a bad mom because... 
I feed my toddler far too much junk food
I let the tv be on all day, far too many days
I don't play enough with my kids
I don't do crafts or fun things from pinterest
We don't go outside enough
I get frustrated easily and am impatient with my children
I've screamed and spanked...
The list goes on and on

I know I'm not the only mom who has said she's a bad mom, feels the same way I do. 
I'm not the only mom with those things on her list of mommy failings. 
I find it sad though that instead of building myself up, I am tearing myself down.
Calling myself a bad mom isn't going to help me.
Honestly, I feel like it makes me worse as a mom when I do that. 
Instead of saying, "I'm a bad mom," I will say, "I can do better." 

So, if you're feeling like a bad mom, realize more than likely you aren't and do something about it!
Realize you can change, you can do better! That's what I'm promising myself! 

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  1. Pinterest shows cute crafts but what they DON'T show you is having to take kids out and about to get said items to do crafts! :-) Don't sweat it. You are a good mom no matter how many crafts you do :) And we watch TV here too-- its WINTER and this spring it won't matter when we spend it all outdoors.


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