Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something I miss

One thing you may or may not know about me is...
That I used to write for the newspaper in high school and college. 
I've always loved writing, so it was perfect for me.
My senior year, of high school, is when my writing really started to change.
It was the summer after I became a Christian and my passion changed.

I started writing about my relationship with God and my faith in Him.
I wrote about my past, my morals, my hopes.
I gave glimpses into my heart and life. 
In college my writings got deeper, more personal.
I wrote about my struggles and how God was there.
I wrote about my pain and how I saw God in it.
I wrote about whatever was on my heart, whatever He placed there.
And I was unafraid. 

I miss writing that way.
I miss writing with passion and conviction.
I miss writing without fear of what other's may think.
I struggle with that now because there is so much on my heart and in my life,
But I am afraid, afraid of what others will think.
Some of those people in my life and some in the blogging world.
And some things are too personal, but I still want to write it out.
I still want to share. Such a battle for me.
I miss this more than I can explain. It's a deep part of me, more than I share.
Do I write what I want, regardless of what others may think.
I think it's all about balance, but maybe I'll try to be more open here.
Maybe I'll even share stuff I wrote for the newspaper.

Do you struggle with this? What topics do you just not go near?
Do you want to be more open? Or less open?
Curious about your thoughts!

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  1. There are a lot of topics that I don't go near... some because I just don't want to and some because I fear others people judgements. I never used to be like this, either!

  2. That's a hard call to make- and its different for everyone. I'm a pretty guarded person... and married someone even more private. So, I keep most writing private. That said, I am so blessed by those who do share their hearts on the internet. It's very helpful on this mothering journey.

  3. I am constantly seeing things on your blog that makes me feel like we are destined to be friends, kindred spirits for sure! I have always loved writing, and I miss the way I used to write. I keep a journal for things I don't post but I hardly have the time to write in it. Sometimes the blog world is so harsh I am reluctant to post things I really want to write.


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